Is There An Inaccessible Secret Chamber In Mount Rushmore?

    We all are aware of South Dakota’s fame, Mount Rushmore, that stands approximately 60 feet high. Carved by the American sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, is a massive and glorious monument representing the four presidents of America. But a million projects were just for carving statues? Or an inaccessible secret chamber in Mount Rushmore is what the government is hiding?

    The Awe-Inspiring Monument

    The Awe-Inspiring Monument
    Guzton Borglum
    Source: NewsD

    Mount Rushmore is a grand sculpture showcasing four great American presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The occasion of Halloween also marked the completion of this magnificent monument. However, a museum present for the exhibits existed in the black hills of the Dakota region.

    “The triumphs of modern society and democracy” was the intention of Gutzon Borglum. Eventually, Borglum focusing on the vision of rooms, skipped calculating the cost. Consequently, Congress issued a blank cheque trusting Borglum’s intellectual powers and the value of the chambers.

    Reason And The Funding

    There is always an abstract idea, which serves as the building block of such a foundation. However, the idea got conceptualized by the Historian, Doane Robinson, in 1923, with a policy that will increase tourism in South Dakota. Although the rough plan was to make the sculptures on Needles (also called as Granite pillars) but Gutzon Borglum doubted on their strength. At last, the selected carving material was granite.  

    Thus, the congressional approval came into functioning on March 3, 1925. However, the project started in 1927 and wrapped well in 1941, taking 14 years to finish.

    The Secret Chamber In Mount Rushmore

    The Secret Chamber In Mount Rushmore
    Source: Business Insider

    The construction of one of the major tourist attractions in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, began in 1927, and Borglum was already holding much fame in his life. While analyzing the statue of Abraham Lincoln, he envisioned a dream. His vision was to create a room filled with historical artifacts and other accessible documents. He was talking about the secret chamber.

    Accordingly, Borglum mentioned his plan and got rejected eventually. In 1941, he died. Reports do confirm that he was not able to carve the faces due to this inevitable death.

    Finishing The Unfinished Business

    Finishing The Unfinished Business
    Source: Teen Vogue

    After his demise, work with national attention cannot be abandoned. Due to which his son started working on the final finish for the next seven months. The U.S government announced the work finished involving the remains of the secret chamber. His son again bought up his vision of complete transparency. He felt that the room ought to finish, as it will serve tribute to his late father.

    Surprisingly, the U.S government allowed his son to make “The Hall of Records,” visioning it to be high and close to heaven.

    The Hall Of Records

    The Hall Of Records
    Source: Insider

    The 70-foot passageway got carved out, which Borglum thought was crucial. The Hall of Records, as Borglum referred, would have a 20-foot entrance glass door. The visitors would enter through a glass made door over which a 38-foot tall bronze eagle will be standing.

    The Hall of Records contains documents such as the U.S constitution, biographies of sculptors, and some of the presidential documents. However, Borglum wanted the written history of America along with the documentation placed in the abe.

    Alternative Theories

    Mary Ellis, daughter of the sculptor said, “The completion of the room is the end of the creation of Mount Rushmore as my father ever imagined it to be.”

    However, alternative theories suggested some illegal actions done by the government for unlawful purposes. While some believe that most prominent U.S secret files have been present there due to which tourists are not allowed. Additionally, a movie got directed that highlighted the presence of hidden gold.

    To conclude, the truth holds transparency but conspiracies will always find its way.


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