Was Dancer’s Image Drugged: Did Anti-Civil Right Believers Do It?

    Peter Fuller, a legitimate boxer, who invested his energy and interest in horse racing in the 1950s. He was a man full of life and compassion. He became the talk of the town when his horse, Dancer’s Image, won the Kentucky Derby. The victory hour didn’t last, as, after three days the title, got stripped posing a drug found in the horse’s urine. However,...

    The Forbidden Legend of La Llorona

    Mexican children have grown up fearful of La Llorona or The Wailing Woman, a wailing woman whose life's crimes have trapped her spirit on Earth, tormenting small children. She's the stuff of legends—a scary bedtime story and a myth with roots dating back hundreds of years. In the legend, a lady named Maria drowns her two children and then drowns herself. She is not given...

    Jack the Ripper wrote Fantasy Children’s Books?

    Once Upon a Time, there was an author. He wrote fantastic stories that amuse children even today. He could have been Jack the Ripper. We all grew up hearing stories. These stories fueled our imagination, and maybe that's why, as adults, we are so fascinated by conspiracy theories. That is why a conspiracy theory that connects a beloved children's books' author to a serial killer...

    The Popish Plot Conspiracy and its Impact

    The fabricated plot of lies which gripped all of England, Scotland in the anti-Catholic hysteria was alleged to be the brainchild of Titus Oates, between 1678-1681. Oates alleged that there was an extensive Catholic conspiracy to assassinate Charles, the second. Oates web of lies fell apart eventually and he was convicted for perjury. The ‘fictitious plot as some conceive it to be, began with King...

    The New England Vampire Panic.

    When we see the word "vampire", an image forms in our heads. An old Count, or some other old rich man, wearing a cape, with their fangs out. We imagine them being opposed to garlic and sunlight. We can see them getting turned to ash the moment they step in the sun or when a wooden stake is lodged through their hearts. They have now...
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