Do We Absolutely Have A Moon?!

    From the time we were born, we were made to believe that some white, round thing in the sky appears every night and vanishes every morning, the widely romanticised moon. As we grew older, we began to learn the scientific reasons why certain things happen the way they happen. You must have heard, read or witnessed in some way the moon landings that occurred...

    Room B340: The Scary Haunted Room On The Queen Mary Ship.

    Disney purchased the Queen Mary after it was discontinued as an ocean liner, and B340 became a prototype Haunted Mansion-at-Sea.  The chamber was wired, expecting strange things to happen, such as creaking floorboards and taps that were turned on by themselves, and it was finally shut down when the experiment proved unproductive.  However, aside from the smoke and mirrors, the room's history is littered with mysterious...

    Cynthia Anderson: Unexplained Disappearance Of The 40-year-old

    In the August of 1981, Cynthia Anderson, a legal secretary in Toledo, Ohio, went missing. She left for her job in the morning, like every day, but never returned. No one saw her, and even today, no one knows what happened to her. The case of the disappearance of Cynthia Anderson is still open and is the longest open case of disappearance in Ohio. The Life...

    Suicide bridge Of California: 4 Suspicious Deaths On The Infamous Bridge

    In July 1912, the construction of the Colorado bridge in Pasadena, California began; by 1913, it was complete and was one of the most beautiful bridges ever. But then, in 1919, something happened, a young man jumped from the 150-foot drop to his death. And after dozens of people jumped from the bridge, it was finally given a nickname in 1932, Suicide Bridge. Up till...

    Did Nuclear Bomb Testing In India Cause The 2004 Tsunamis?

    The 2004 Tsunamis: the gigantic waves of the vast, grim Indian Ocean saw a massive rise in its altitude that day. All hells broke loose. Dreadful Screams of humanity could be heard. Children died while having their mothers tried to carry them safely to the shore. The coast was completely wept out with saltwater; the tormenting levels of water destroyed houses, and all-around could...
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