The Death of Mary Reeser and Spontaneous Human Combustion

    On July 2, 1951, at around 8 a.m., Reeser's landowner, Pansy Carpenter, arrived at Reeser's entryway with a message. Attempting the entryway, she observed the metal door handle to be too hot to the touch and called the police. Reeser's remaining parts, which were to a great extent slag, were found among the remaining parts of a seat on which she had been sitting....

    5 UFO Sighting: Is Alien Invasion Close?

    UFO stories: Whenever we hear an alien invasion, eventually, our rational thinking seeps into the fantasy world. However, many news articles and philosophers have predicted magnificent outlandish arrivals, however, left as a hypothesis. Thus, in 1987, people observed strange lights in the sky over Wytheville, Virginia state that left an internet frenzy. The First Incident:- In the months of early July, a man was walking with...

    4 Shocking Facts About Kola borehole

    In 1970 the Soviet Union drilled a hole more than 12km deep in Siberia. Which shares borders with Norway and Finland. In 1970 Soviet scientists wanted to learn more about the earth crust. So they started to drill the earth crust. It took them 2 decades to dig more than 7.5 miles down the earth.  The drill broke through into a cavity and scientists lowered...

    Was Dancer’s Image Drugged: Did Anti-Civil Right Believers Do It?

    Peter Fuller, a legitimate boxer, who invested his energy and interest in horse racing in the 1950s. He was a man full of life and compassion. He became the talk of the town when his horse, Dancer’s Image, won the Kentucky Derby. The victory hour didn’t last, as, after three days the title, got stripped posing a drug found in the horse’s urine. However,...

    Jack the Ripper wrote Fantasy Children’s Books?

    Once Upon a Time, there was an author. He wrote fantastic stories that amuse children even today. He could have been Jack the Ripper. We all grew up hearing stories. These stories fueled our imagination, and maybe that's why, as adults, we are so fascinated by conspiracy theories. That is why a conspiracy theory that connects a beloved children's books' author to a serial killer...
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