Is India Still A Colony Of Britain?

    You look back, and you feel chills down your spine when you see all the sacrifices and struggles of our brave freedom fighters during Britain's rule in India for, like, what? 150-200 years? It was a seemingly never-ending tale of torture and misery. Indians had led several movements in the hope of igniting the revolutionary spark in the hearts of the citizens to claim...

    The Notorious Jack The Ripper

    Any true crime fan has heard of the infamous Jack the Ripper, and most of us still wonder who he really is. An unidentified serial killer from 1888, the Ripper is responsible for nearly 11 murders in the impoverished areas around the Whitechapel district, London. Given other names like the Whitechapel Murderer and Leather Apron, which he later ridiculed in one of his letters, the one name that caught on was, in...

    Was Queen Elizabeth A King? The Bisley Boy Conspiracy

    Resisting the endless line of suitors who had flocked to charm the first woman ruler of England, Queen Elizabeth had said these famous words which had earned her the title of the 'Virgin Queen.' Elizabeth’s vow of abstinence was a rather bold step in the times that saw her reign and a very unusual one, too. However, many theorists believe that it was a...

    The Death of Mary Reeser and Spontaneous Human Combustion

    On July 2, 1951, at around 8 a.m., Reeser's landowner, Pansy Carpenter, arrived at Reeser's entryway with a message. Attempting the entryway, she observed the metal door handle to be too hot to the touch and called the police. Reeser's remaining parts, which were to a great extent slag, were found among the remaining parts of a seat on which she had been sitting....

    5 UFO Sighting: Is Alien Invasion Close?

    UFO stories: Whenever we hear an alien invasion, eventually, our rational thinking seeps into the fantasy world. However, many news articles and philosophers have predicted magnificent outlandish arrivals, however, left as a hypothesis. Thus, in 1987, people observed strange lights in the sky over Wytheville, Virginia state that left an internet frenzy. The First Incident:- In the months of early July, a man was walking with...
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