Is Our Universe 3-Dimensional Or Just A Hologram?

    The Universe is like a haunted house. It's dark, scary, and mysterious. Scientists and astronomers have been studying and trying to come up with a possible explanation for our mere existence for centuries. Well, all we've been left with are deep mysteries and more unsolvable theories. We all know, theories suggest that the big bang could have started the Universe 14 billion years ago, and it has...

    Mystery Satellite Monitoring Earth? Was It Sent By Aliens?

    Space is filled with a lot of things. Starting from satellites that are orbiting the Earth to huge black holes that could gobble up anything.  Speaking of anything, it could also be UFOs, especially one that has caught the attention of all the scientists and space-related researchers, the Black Knight Satellite.  Currently, about 2,800 satellites are going around the Earth along with the natural satellite the...

    Is CERN Powerful Enough To Destroy The World?

    Physics is always fascinating, with its great experiments and colossal instruments sitting at the world's largest laboratory, CERN. CERN? What's that now? Before we get into all that, let's discuss something less serious.  We don't have to be a scientist to be curious about what started the Universe. Wonders never cease. The more people dig into the workings of the Universe, the more astounding it...

    The Green Moon: A Cosmic Event Or A Hoax?

    Who looks big and GREEN? The Incredible Hulk! Believe me, I Know. But this time, somebody else has that title. It’s the Moon. What? Why would the Earth’s moon look green? Is it sick? Funny, but no. Four years back, this "Green Moon" phenomenon was started as a joke on a couple of Facebook pages. Soon it spread faster than a wildfire, and this was the...

    Is It Strange That Earth Is Going Dark For 2 Weeks?

    You must've read about the Earth going Dark on your social media or even in the Google recommendations. The internet is flooded with a lot of stuff. Good and bad. True and False. But if you don’t know where and what you’re looking for, you might actually step into a whole different world that feeds you fake news. I mean, who wouldn’t be pulled...
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