Aliens Walking Among Us?: Bizarre Theories That You Should Know

    The number of centuries and plethora of decades for people has transpired earth-filled-with-aliens theories is something I have lost count on. Time and again, scientists have been posed with this one question: Are there aliens? And are some of them walking among us? 

    Their vague answers, whether in an interview or a candid rendezvous, have left the audience with nothing but confusion, dejection and content for conspiracy theories. This conspiracy theory could easily secure a place in every individual’s list of top five biggest fears, and that would be: Are we living with aliens? And what if they are zhuzh up to resemble humans? Let’s see what theorists have to say on this topic. 

    Theories With Respect To The Presence Of Aliens On The Earth. 

    Source: BBC

    Well, it’s about time theories begin to be churned out at your disposal. 

    Britain’s first astronaut, Helen Sharman, visited the Soviet Mir station in 1991. With quite a conviction, she said that there is a strong possibility that aliens, in any lifeform, exist between us. Although they might not be a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen-like humans, they are the most “known” intelligent life. 

    However, the theory of the existence of life as intelligent as ours, living on some other planet, which has developed the necessary equipment to travel into space, is still a far-fetched one. Sharman believes that they can exist among us right now, right with us, and we simply cannot see them. Oh my god, invisible aliens? It’s like what, a nightmare-come-true? Sharman prophesied that there could be silicon-based life. A giant leap but a possible scenario. There are billions and trillions of life forms that simply go undetected by scientists daily.

    We have only limited technology and enough microbes to begin with. Then, science on the earth can only approve life based on DNA. 

    We are unable to spot these invisible aliens because of the “twisted” definition of ‘life” here. “What amounts to life?” To determine extra-terrestrial invasions, this question has to be answered first. That too, in an exact way, if not concise maybe. So, yes, the bubble bursting above your head, the cotton-like substance you see in the air, anything could amount to evidence of that lifeform. Also, one needs to ascertain if it’s just some unidentified life or if it came from extra-terrestrial terrain. 

    Surprisingly enough, Helen is not the only one who has talked about the existence of such alien lifeforms among us. In 2017, a former Pentagon official, who led a secret mission of researching and locating UFOs, tells how he believes there is some truth in the existent alien life reaching the earth. 

    Who hasn’t heard of the sightings of the UFOs and Flying saucers in various parts of America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries? While one will wonder if this is an obsession or mere coincidence, aliens landing on only American soil, conspiracy theorists present perfect reasoning behind it. 

    Well, the purpose of these landings is said to be the abduction of humans by hypnotic regression for some breeding experiment. They are laid on a table and injected with sperms to impregnate women. The abductees claimed to remember these unearthly encounters with their non-human kidnappers. These brutal acts could be explained as the aliens cannot breed among themselves now, or they might want to create a perfect human-alien combination to somehow capture the earth. 

    Further, a Korean instructor, Hae Chi, at the University of Oxford, has some peculiar insights on the matter. He believes the abductions to be true. He is positive that aliens are hand and glove with the US government in this hybrid experiment to combat climate change. Now, read carefully; Hae Chi has taken a giant leap here. He says that two significant changes have happened in the last decade, i.e., an increase in the number of abductees, based on their interview with David Jacobs, and the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases and hence, a warmer planet. 

    So, the aliens are forming alien-human hybrids to frame a new series of homo-sapiens that can “allegedly” sustain climate change, and there would be no need to adopt rigorous practices and re-engineer our core planet. Also, it might benefit the aliens in preserving their genes as hybrids would be carrying them. 


    Source: Live Science

    The scientists have denied such possibilities. Not one piece of evidence has been proposed in support of these ‘conjectures’. If there have been so many abductions, why would aliens want the abductees to be able to recall them? How are these hybrids different from us? Can we be a hybrid? And, if this collaboration is for humans to sustain climate change, what are they going to do about the actual humans? Have they been turned into hybrids in some way? 

    There are lots of unanswered questions and quizzical thoughts regarding the alien theories. One cannot entertain these convictions before digging into them to the fullest of their capabilities. 

    The presence of aliens among us is undoubtedly a mind-bending and heart-throbbing allegation, but it’s able to be conclusive, isn’t it? 


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