Is Global Warming A Hoax?

    Global warming is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time, with far-reaching consequences for the planet and its inhabitants. Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, there are still those who deny its existence or minimize its impact. What is Global Warming? It refers to the long-term rise in the Earth's average surface temperature, primarily due to the increase of greenhouse gases such as carbon...

    The Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory

    Remember the time you were 8, lying on your back on the terrace or in your garden staring at the sky? Suddenly you would hear a noise and see trails of white clouds being formed in the blue sky. You would then call out to your siblings and ask them to come look at it and be fascinated by the beauty of it. What...

    Did Nuclear Bomb Testing In India Cause The 2004 Tsunamis?

    The 2004 Tsunamis: the gigantic waves of the vast, grim Indian Ocean saw a massive rise in its altitude that day. All hells broke loose. Dreadful Screams of humanity could be heard. Children died while having their mothers tried to carry them safely to the shore. The coast was completely wept out with saltwater; the tormenting levels of water destroyed houses, and all-around could...

    The Ploutonion at Hierapolis: The Gate to Underworld?

    The sacred sanctuary of The Hierapolis Ploutonion is located in Hierapolis—a classical Phrygian city—that is now part of the Turkish province of Denizli. In the 2nd century BC, the Attalid rulers of Pergamon built Hierapolis as a thermal spa. Physicians believed that the nearby calcite-laden thermal springs would have medicinal properties that will help the sick and chronically ill, and the city became a religious...

    Cerne Abbas Giant—The Mysterious Hill Giants of England

    England today is known for the many things it has given the world. From the high literature of the Renaissance, Romanticism, Victorian eras to the enormous colonization of almost the entire world, over the centuries. Yet another thing that the world marvels over in the United Kingdom is the presence of unexplained structure all over the country side. The Stone Henge and The Cerne...
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