Mount Kailash: Its Connection To Pyramids, Nuclear Power Plants, And Extraterrestrials

    Shrouded in lore and mysticism of the unknown, Mount Kailash remains an unexplained phenomenon with several layers adding to its mystery. Located in Western Tibet, Mount Kailash, over the centuries, has garnered interest from several parts of the world and many different disciplines. At a time when humans and technology itch to dominate nature, Mount Kailash remains a riddle that is yet to be...

    Deep Blue Mystery In The Hearts Of Indonesia: The Underwater Temple Garden

    The Underwater Temple Garden is a recent dive destination that has been created in the mystical land of Bali, Indonesia. The remarkable feature of this unique place is embarked upon the presence of a Balinese Hindu temple compound. This underwater mystery is located on the northern coast of West Bali, on the Pemuteran Bay. The Initial Exhilaration Social media excitement was stirred about this place when...

    What lurks in the town of Nome, Alaska?

    What inspired the directors of the major motion picture, The Fourth Kind (2009)? based upon the Town of Nome, Alaska. The small town of Nome is a pleasant Alaskan town. It claims to be home to one of the largest's gold pans. But it hides a secret, mysterious to the outside world. The town of Nome experienced some questionable and mysterious disappearances of its citizens...

    The conspiracy about Bermuda Triangle.

    The Bermuda Triangle is a slackly specified area in the western part of the North Ocean. This has been a site of conspiracies and mysteries where a number of aircraft and ships are alleged to have disappeared under quite unusual circumstances. The region is an unspecific ally also termed as the Devil's Triangle or Hurricane Alley. Since, the domain of the Bermuda Triangle is a...

    The Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory

    Remember the time when you were 8, lying on your back on the terrace or in your garden staring at the sky? Suddenly you would hear a noise and see trails of white clouds being formed in the blue sky. You would then call out to your siblings and ask them to come and look at it and be fascinated by the beauty of...

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