Unraveling the Conspiracy of Nine Unknown Men: Is it an Indian Version of Illuminati?

    The presence of some secret groups or societies going on secret missions to protect mankind and humanity has always been an enchanting subject and a debate for discussion for millions of people across the centuries. 

    Sometimes, it seems like we all have some huge appetite for ridiculous, impractical and nearly impossible notions like a few guardian angels guarding the secrets of our population to prevent greater harm. Do you believe in the existence of such secret societies? That too in the world’s biggest democracy? In India? Well, some believe there is one. Popularly known as “Indian illuminati” Or “nine unknown men”! 

    What Is An Illuminati?

    Generally speaking, it’s a group of usually a few “self-proclaimed” enlightened people possessing the ancient knowledge that has a tendency to affect the past, present and future. The word “illuminati” was first referred to the BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI, a secret society that operated for a decade from 1776 to 1785.  Adam Weishaupt, a German law professor, founded this society in order to spread his ideal views of philanthropy and reason among elites.

    A law professor preaching ideals of law, justice and peace, how enigmatic! In 21st century, Illuminatis are basically some sort of secret groups that protect the society in more than one way and more often than not, they use bizarre symbols such as owls in case of Bavarian illuminati, and are engaged in some weird spy-like protocols and hierarchy in order to protect their identity. Nowadays, a lot of celebrities like Jay-Z, Kanye and Beyoncè are believed to be involved in such organizations, given their extraordinary personalities. However, that’s a story for another time. 

    the conspiracy of the nine unknown men
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    The Theory Behind The Conspiracy Of Nine Unknown Men or the “Indian Illuminati”

    The theory of the existence of age-old secret societies in a country like India is rich in diversity and area is a far-fetched one but, it never hurts to give a read to a good conspiracy theory which, if true, would change the shape of humanity. The arch-believers of this theory say that there existed a society called “NINE UNKNOWN MEN” or “THE SECRET NINE,” founded by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka the Great, of Chandragupta dynasty, in around 270 B.C.

    It was said to be the golden age of the golden bird, in India. There were nine people in this society, who were groomed with the responsibility of keeping the secrets of the universe, which, if fell in the wrong hands, could destroy mankind. This could be coined as the very first secret service any civilization has come across, even before the legends like “Priory of Sion,” “Opus Dei” and the “Illuminati,” if proven. 

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    The Originator Of This Theory

    This society became a thing to the general public in 1923 when Talbot Mundy first wrote a novel titled as “NINE UNKNOWN MEN” which was the depiction of this same society claimed to be established under the guidance of Ashok maurya. All the findings he proposed in his book were a result of his time in India. He served as a British police officer there for a period of 5 years from 1899-1904.

    What Was Propounded In The Book?

    It was said in the book that these nine men were entrusted as the keepers and researchers of the crucial information that can make and break a civilization. They were believed to be given nine books on nine different areas of research and their mission would be to research on the given subjects and fill these books in a span of their lifetime. And if one had to quit or retire, that unknown man had to first choose his worthy successor and entrust him with his portion of work. 

    The nine books of knowledge were speculated to be:

    PROPAGANDA: Which contained teachings on public speaking and psychological warfare. If one can mold public opinion in one’s favor, one can rule the world. 

    PHYSIOLOGY: Which combined the secrets on One Touch Death. It possesses the knowledge of killing someone by one simple touch, which is done by the reversal of nerve impulse. It is said that the “leakages” of information on physiology gathered by this society formed the basis of teachings of famous martial arts like Judo and Taekwondo.

    COMMUNICATION: This book illuminates the study of all means of communication, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, which implies the connection of these men to outer space and aliens. Remember Saddam Hussein of Iraq allegedly built a star-gate?

    GRAVITY: This possessed the secrets of gravity and non-gravity. This book taught how to build anti-gravity flying machines known as “VIMANAS,” which somehow looked like modern-day UFOs. 

    MICROBIOLOGY: This encompasses the study of medicine. Apparently, they had developed a “Divine nectar,” which made these men immortal and they have been alive since the past 2000 years. Have you heard the tales of “mahavatar babaji” of kailash mountain, Himalayas? No? Maybe some other time then.

    COSMOLOGY: It had the material on all the matters related to cosmos and universe. The multiverse theory must have originated from here only.

    SOCIOLOGY: The secrets contained the accurate prediction of the rise and fall of many empires. 

    ALCHEMY: This book dealt with transmutation of metals. Mundy was an ardent supporter of this theory. As per him, temples and religious groups, in times of drought, had received gold in abundance by “some secret service.”

    LIGHT: This book had research material on properties of light, the speed of light and how to bend light and break time-space continuum in order to use it as a weapon. 

    The number *9* has always had a significant place in human history. Different cultures have different emotions pertaining to the number 9.

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    In Indian astrology, there are 9 celestial influencers and as per Hindi philosophy, there are 9 universal elements. Also, every prominent ruler in the past had a special set of 9 people, be it Chandragupta Maurya, Vikramaditya, Akbar, Krishna Dev Rai or Krishna Chandra. The 9th hour is the hour of prayer in Christianity. Hebrews call number 9 a symbol of truth. Chinese consider 9 an auspicious number due to its pronunciation being similar to “long lasting.” Also, dragons, their symbol of power and magic were 9 in number with 9 children each and each had 9 attributes. What is this fuss and obsession with number 9!?

    In Buddhism, every pious work involves 9 monks and Ashoka adopted Buddhism after the Kalinga war. Coincidences do not occur so repetitively. 

    This society is believed to exist and function in contemporary India too. They are still among us, guarding and protecting the dark secrets of human history. They are understood to step up from time to time when there is a danger of extinction of the human race. Do you ever think if “Kalki,” the personification of the supposedly 10th Vishnu, is no one but a chosen one from this group only? I mean, it is a possibility, if we are all guessing and conspiring here.

    Backing In Support Of The Claims

    Talbot Mundy himself gathered all the information in a time span of 5 years. 

    After 37 years, in the 1960 Novel ‘The Morning of the Magicians’ by Louis Pauwels, it was claimed that Pope Silvester II had met the society and the 19th-century French administrator and writer Louis Jacolliot confirmed their existence. On his return from India, the Pope was said to have brought many strange ‘gadget-type’ things like a bronze head that was like a computer and was capable of interacting via speech and answering yes and no questions.

    It was a giant breakthrough in the history of science at that time. Later, when he tried to demonstrate it in the church, he mysteriously fell ill and died. There are many theories on how the men of this secret society killed people in order to preserve the powerful knowledge from the less-intelligent audience. 

    The world has witnessed the scientific, technological, philosophical, physiological, architectural contributions of India over the time, for the advancement and the greater good of the society. Everyone is in awe as to how Indians do it, be it the accurate calculation of PI or the distance between the earth and the sun or the performance of complex plastic and cataract surgeries. There has to be a method or backing behind it. And this theory fits in just right. 

    Takshila and Nalanda, the oldest universities in the world, had huge libraries that possessed a great set of knowledge and scientific discoveries of the time. It is also said that perhaps, the society was in existence even before Ashoka and he came in their contact during his rule. After witnessing the bloodbath in the war of Kalinga, which led to his conversion to Buddhism, he must have been quite adamant on protecting the people from themselves for, we all know, knowledge in right hands is power and the same knowledge in wrong hands is abuse of power. 

    Ashoka was believed to have sent these nine jewels to different countries to preach the idea of peace and non-violence as well as ordered them to have continued their research. This would cover up the traces of this hidden society and prevent the accumulation of knowledge in just one place. One can see how the pace of scientific, physiological and sociological advancement was altered negatively after the demise of Ashoka and fall of the Mauryan empire. 

    Ardent supporters of this theory argue that whenever it’s time and people are mentally strong to embrace the change, these nine people divulge the information that would benefit the society. Probably the best reason behind the rise and advancement of our race during stable empires like the Gupta dynasty and Vijayanagar kingdom. 

    It is also believed that after the independence of India, when research organizations such as ISRO and DRDO were denied the technology of GPS and cryogenic satellites by the USSR, it was the nine unknown men who secretly helped ISRO in devising their own technology. 

    Arguments That Refute These Claims

    Even if there was as powerful a society as the secret nine, it would raise some poignant questions on their credibility and accountability as following:

    Where were they when British, Mughals, Afghans, Timur, Mahmud Ghaznavi and many more invaded and oppressed the Indians? How many more political turmoils, terror attacks, states becoming rape capitals would be needed for them to come ahead and help the common people? Why would they choose to be mute spectators to such disastrous tragedies? 

    There were no prominent scientific and sociological advancements in independent India. It is still a developing country. And people of India are more divided than ever over petty issues and limited identities. Why? 

    The culture, resources, problems and oppression of Indians are so vast and diversified that they cannot possibly be controlled by only nine people. 

    It is possible that Mundy confused Akbar’s navratnas as these nine unknown people or maybe they lost their value over time due to modern administration or probably Ashoka made a society of nine people only to spread the word of peace and non-violence. The Pope fell ill because people fall ill all the time and it’s a mere coincidence. Emperors in stable empires might have provided better equipment and patronage leading to the advancement in only those centuries. ISRO probably devised GPS and other technologies merely due to sheer determination, will and brilliance of its members. Basically, there is no evidence that backs the theory. 

    Where are these men now? In the present desperate times we need all the help we can get. We need desperate measures. People are agonized at the loss of their loved ones due to COVID-19, all hell has broke loose but, these self-proclaimed powerful men are not becoming the whisperers of the elixirs that would literally save this planet. Weren’t they entrusted with knowledge keeping this very purpose in mind?

    Relating everything to the work of some secret society in this global age of liberalisation and transparency would be nothing but an absurd notion. 

    Well, this theory can be neither accepted nor rejected. There is not enough proof to do either of them. This surely is an interesting concept though. A real life James Bond movie, which could be a great plot for Indian cinema. It all boils down to one’s beliefs. You can either believe it or disapprove of it with a reproachful head shake. If some concrete evidence is found one day in its favor, it would be the oldest secret organization in human history. 


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