5 UFO Sighting: Is Alien Invasion Close?

    UFO stories: Whenever we hear an alien invasion, eventually, our rational thinking seeps into the fantasy world. However, many news articles and philosophers have predicted magnificent outlandish arrivals, however, left as a hypothesis. Thus, in 1987, people observed strange lights in the sky over Wytheville, Virginia state that left an internet frenzy.

    The First Incident:-

    Source: NPR

    In the months of early July, a man was walking with his dog after game night. Going no further, he stated of viewing an orb directing towards his house. Discovering something unusual, he called his girlfriend to observe the same.

    While reporting to the National UFO Reporting Center, Davenport, he stated, ‘As I came back outside, I saw it going away and it disappeared in the night in a flash.’

    However, such unexpected encounters are hard to believe at first, but soon reports began increasing to 3,000.

    UFO Reports Reached to 3,000:-

    Source: The Conversation

    After the reports were lodged by the general public, the police department was not left behind. The local sheriff, of Wytheville town, reported seeing a strange aircraft. Wayne Pike, the reeve confirmed this unusual observation. Thus, reports continued till 1988, a large number of reports were lodged again, regarding the celestial objects in the sky. 

    Additionally, the Head of a famous radio show received 3,000 reports according to the news. However, a conference in mid-October, caught the eye of the people while fully confirming their reports. 

    “All of a Sudden People Began to See Things”:-

    Source: NDTV Gadgets 360

    A reporter of The Roanoke Times critically analyzed the activities of the people after this news spread. Being, a senior reporter, working for the past 40 years, he started working with the local sheriff to find the truth.

    Thus, the reporter stated, “After listening to such encounters, everybody suspected to observe the same objects.”

    Utilizing Gordon’s connections, he wrote recordings of the people within his reach. Even though, Dellinger quoted about some strange lights in the sky which resembled, like the street lights at the end of the road. 

    When Observations Became Doubts:-

    Source: Amazon

    The news about the confirmations got spread like a flash. Although after experiencing his latest encounter, Dellinger stated, “They were no extraterrestrial creatures, but I don’t know who they were.”

    However, in 1988, a book called ‘Don’t Look Up: The Real Story the Virginia UFO Sightings’ was published that caught national attention. Thus, Dellinger and his fellow companion, Gordon, were the publishers of this book.

    As nobody was able to arrive at a common conclusion, the story remains still unsolved.

    Seeking the Hidden Truth:-

    Source: Stacker

    Does any of the reports, hold truth?  The Director of UFO National Reporting Center thinks the same.

    Peter Davenport thinks the reports as not usual, but the fact, it was about to happen someday. Likewise, the whole institution got built by an inevitable idea of a retired fireman.

    Davenport confirmed the UFO sightings go back to the year 1994. Adding to it, 15-20 people reported about the strange skylight thing. Thus, statically, about 100,000 reports were present in his database, which shook him.

    You Cannot Unsee Things:-

    Source: ASU Now

    Total 100,000 entries lodged from all over 50 states, including Canada and some other territories. Analyzing his database, he said, “Once you can experience, and observe what others did through the data. There is more reality than exists, which is much greater than any proof.”

    Additionally, Chief Deputy Byron Ashbrook said that UFO calls, but people feel their presence at least once or twice per year. He mentioned, voice calls are made just like air traffic incidents.

    Additionally, the Deputy needs to command action. Sadly, evidence like photos, radar evidence has not found their place yet.


    After many years, he received several photos, however, each time, he remained unsatisfactory. Eventually, people called to describe their true encounters while others meant to make up. Therefore, stories continue, and conspiracies develop themselves. Though, the question still lingers, “Was it UFO or some other celestial object?”  


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