Black Holes And The Mystery Behind Them

    Is there any black hole in space? The theory of the existence of black holes is very mysterious. Continue reading to know every detail to clear your doubts regarding this mystery. What Is A Black Hole? A black hole is an area in space with intense gravity through which nothing can escape, not even a ray of light. It is said that a black hole forms...

    Nazca Lines: 4 Theories You Absolutely Need to Know

    Back in the 20th century, a plane was flying over Peru, near the town of Nazca. In the dull and dry landscape of the desert, shapes and lines came into view. They did not seem to be natural and could only be visualized from a certain height. This was the first time the Nazca Lines were seen in recent history. What is Nazca Lines? The Nazca...

    The Unheard Voices Of The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

    Ever wondered how dark can a night truly turn out to be? A night of tragedies and chilling incidents. Such a night was experienced by the people of Bhopal around 36 years back from 2nd to 3rd December night in 1984 and is known as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, considered the world’s worst industrial disaster by The Atlantic. The night took the lives of...

    Was Neil Armstrong Really the First Man on Moon?

    Neil Armstrong— First Steps On The Moon On the 20th of July, in 1969, the world and humankind moved to a new level. A feat that couldn't have even been imagined 70 years ago had now been achieved. Two humans from America, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon for the first time. The entire world watched on with pride on their television...

    Antimatter— A Whimsical Enigma

    You Must Be Curious— What Is Antimatter? Before we understand antimatter, we should understand the matter. The matter is anything that has mass and occupies volume. Everything around us is made up of matter. But the integral parts of matter are fundamental particles, which are six leptons and six quarks. Every particle has its anti-self. So every quark has antiquark and every lepton, an anti-lepton....

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