Are The Astra of Mahabharata Today’s Nuclear Weapons?

    Since the rise of humanity, it is observed that we have had all sorts of equipment and technologies. It might now be archaic and obsolete, but everything we witness today, is a slight modification or modernization of things that exist in the pages of our mythology, like Ramayana or Mahabharata. Be it technology, physiology and medicine, UFOs or satellites, everything has a mention somewhere...

    The Hollow Earth Theory – Myth or reality!

    You must have heard about the theories claiming that the Earth is actually flat. But there is a significant section of people who believe that the earth is hollow and actually inhabits an advanced human race in that hollow portion. This theory leaves people with some important, unanswered questions that challenges the whole of humanity and questions our very existence and knowledge about almost...

    Is Fluoridation Dumbing Down The Population?

    Fluoride is an element known to prevent tooth decay, especially in children. This was considered a giant breakthrough in the 20th century, in the world of science. As per the website of American Dental Association (ADA), adding fluoride prevents tooth decay by 25% in children and adults. A review of 20 different studies on the benefits of using fluoride in water, shows that the...

    Death Of Nelson Mandela And The Existence Of The Multiverse

    Nelson Mandela, born on 18 July 1918, was the President of South Africa. He was known for his anti-apartheid and philanthropic works. He was the first black President of the country and was loved and respected by everyone, even the leaders of other countries. Approximately 90 representatives of foreign states came to South Africa to pay their final respects and attend his memorial in...

    The Truth Behind The “Alleged” Sleep Paralysis Demons

    Last month, I was fast asleep at night. At around 2 am, I suddenly woke up. There was a featureless figure sitting right in front of me, on my bed, eating something. I went into hysteria. I tried to move. I tried to scream. But nothing. I was only able to move my eyeballs. It was as if I was chained to my bed,...
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