A Second Sun And A Ninth Planet: Is NASA Keeping Dreadful Secrets?

    Our solar system might have a second Sun. Not only this, but there might also even be a ninth planet. And it's not Pluto. As this conspiracy goes, NASA is hiding both occurrences from us because it may cause mass hysteria. A ninth planet might expose our planet to extinction-like circumstances in the future. Sightings Of The Second Sun Every century sees the transit of Mercury...

    Project SUNSHINE of America: More Wicked than it Sounds

    When you hear the word sunshine, what do you feel? The warmth of the sun, brightness, and positivity, perhaps? This conspiracy theory would definitely make you view sunshine in a different light. The SUNSHINE project was conceived in the wake of Hiroshima by the government of the United States of America. Considering that they were the ones to drop the nuclear bomb, it seems bizarre...

    The Matrix Is Real And We Are Living In It

    We aren't real. Our World is fake. Reality is a social construct. Life is artificial. If the rules are clear, proceed to the game and welcome to 'THE SIMULATION.' If I tell you that the matrix is real and it is actually home for us, but not the reality, which we believe is our home, will you start second-guessing your existence? Let's proceed with...

    Find Out How Long You Can Go Without Sleep From The Russian Sleep Experiment

    All of us are guilty of pulling one or two all-nighters right before an important exam or a project deadline. Pumped up on coffee adrenaline, the heavy-eye-bags induced zombie existence we have the next morning is enough foreplay to make you regret not sleeping the night before. Excluding the externalities of insomnia, we are advised to sleep within the range of 7-8 hours. If...

    The Conundrum of the Controversial Lapedo Child

    A great mystery was unburied in 1998, in the bed of a rock shelter in the Lapedo Valley which lies 85 miles to the north of Lisbon, Portugal. Buried for millennia, archaeologists discovered the bones of a four-year-old Lapedo child, which was the first complete Paleolithic skeleton, dug in the Iberian Peninsula. What added gravity to the discovery? The unearthing had far greater significance because, after...
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