Is North Korea Dealing with Extraterrestrial Life? Exploring the Conspiracy Theories

    North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is one of the most secretive and isolated countries in the world, ruled by a dynastic regime with a cult of personality around its leader, Kim Jong-un. Despite its poverty, sanctions, and human rights abuses, North Korea has invested heavily in its military and nuclear programs, which have raised global concerns and provoked international condemnation. However, some conspiracy theorists suggest that North Korea has a secret agenda that involves not only earthly power but also extraterrestrial influence. In this article, we will examine some of the conspiracy theories surrounding North Korea’s alleged dealings with extraterrestrial life and evaluate their plausibility.

    Theory 1: North Korea has a secret base on the dark side of the Moon, where it collaborates with aliens.

    The dark side of the Moon, the hemisphere that always faces away from Earth, has been a source of mystery and fascination for centuries, and has inspired many science fiction stories and conspiracy theories. Some people believe that the Moon is not a natural satellite of Earth but an artificial construct created by aliens, and that some human governments have established secret bases there to exploit its resources and communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. North Korea, according to this theory, has joined the club of lunar colonizers and has built a hidden facility on the dark side of the Moon, where it conducts experiments and exchanges technology with its extraterrestrial partners. Proponents of this theory cite as evidence the many anomalies and anomalies observed on the Moon’s surface, such as strange lights, structures, and artifacts that defy natural explanations. They also point to the alleged sightings of North Korean spacecraft that resemble UFOs and that have been spotted by witnesses in different parts of the world. Some of these sightings have been dismissed as hoaxes or misinterpretations, but others remain unexplained.

    Evaluation: The theory of a North Korean lunar base collaborating with aliens faces several challenges. First, there is no direct evidence of such a base, as no satellite or rover has detected any artificial structures or activity on the dark side of the Moon that could be attributed to North Korea. Second, the logistics and technology required to establish and maintain a lunar base are extremely complex and costly, and North Korea’s economy and infrastructure are not conducive to such endeavors.

    Third, the idea that the Moon is a hollow or artificial object is not supported by scientific data and contradicts the established theories of its origin and composition. Finally, the alleged sightings of North Korean UFOs could be explained by other phenomena, such as natural atmospheric events, military experiments, or hoaxes. Therefore, while the idea of a secret lunar base may be fascinating and appealing to some, it lacks empirical support and coherence.

    Theory 2: North Korea has recovered crashed UFOs and reverse-engineered their technology.

    Another popular theory is that North Korea has acquired extraterrestrial technology by recovering crashed UFOs or by stealing it from other countries or corporations. According to this theory, North Korea has a highly advanced and secretive military unit dedicated to investigating and exploiting UFO sightings and incidents, and that has recovered several crashed or downed UFOs over the years. Proponents of this theory claim that North Korea has made significant technological breakthroughs in fields such as energy, propulsion, and materials science, that surpass the capabilities of other countries, and that can only be explained by extraterrestrial sources. They also suggest that North Korea’s recent advances in nuclear weapons and missile technology are a direct result of its access to alien knowledge and resources, and that it poses a grave threat to global security.

    Evaluation: The theory of North Korea reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology faces several problems as well. First, there is no credible evidence that North Korea has recovered any crashed UFOs or has access to alien technology, as such claims rely on hearsay, rumors, and anonymous sources. Second, the idea that North Korea has surpassed other countries in scientific and technological achievements is not supported by independent assessments or verifiable data, as North Korea’s economy, education, and research infrastructure are relatively weak and isolated.

    Third, the notion that extraterrestrial technology could be easily reverse-engineered or adapted to human purposes is highly speculative and ignores the vast differences in biology, physics, and culture between human and alien beings. Fourth, the assertion that North Korea poses a grave threat to global security based on its alleged access to alien technology is not substantiated by the lack of any actual deployment or demonstration of such technology in real-world scenarios. Therefore, while the idea of North Korea having secret knowledge and capabilities beyond conventional human limits may be intriguing and unsettling, it lacks sufficient evidence and logical coherence.

    Theory 3: North Korea is controlled by or collaborating with an extraterrestrial race.

    The most extreme and far-fetched theory regarding North Korea’s alleged involvement with extraterrestrial life is that North Korea is actually controlled or influenced by an extraterrestrial race, either directly or indirectly. According to this theory, North Korea’s leaders are not human beings but hybrids or clones created by aliens to serve their agenda on Earth, which may include preparing humanity for contact or invasion, or exploiting its resources for their own benefit.

    Proponents of this theory point to the bizarre behavior and appearance of North Korean leaders, their apparent disregard for human rights and freedoms, and their obsession with military might and national sovereignty as signs of their alien origins or allegiance. They also cite as evidence the alleged sightings of UFOs over North Korea and the mysterious lights and sounds reported by some North Korean defectors as signs of extraterrestrial activity.

    Evaluation: The theory of North Korea being controlled by or collaborating with an extraterrestrial race is not only unsupported by any credible evidence but also contradicted by basic logic and biology.

    First, there is no plausible mechanism by which an extraterrestrial race could create or manipulate human beings to such an extent that they would appear and behave like North Korean leaders, who have been documented by numerous sources and who have interacted with other countries and organizations.

    Second, the idea that an extraterrestrial race would need to use North Korea as a pawn or partner in its agenda is unlikely, given the vast distances and differences between Earth and other possible habitable planets or civilizations. Third, the alleged sightings of UFOs over North Korea could be explained by natural or artificial phenomena, such as weather balloons, drones, or military aircraft, and do not necessarily imply extraterrestrial activity. Therefore, while the theory of North Korea being controlled by aliens may be entertaining or provocative, it lacks scientific plausibility and coherence.


    In conclusion, the conspiracy theories surrounding North Korea’s alleged dealings with extraterrestrial life are diverse, imaginative, and sometimes alarming, but they lack sufficient evidence and logical coherence to be taken seriously. While it is possible that North Korea, like any other country, may be interested in exploring space and seeking contact with other civilizations, the idea that it has established secret bases on the Moon, recovered UFOs, or is controlled by aliens is not supported by independent research or verifiable data. Instead, these theories rely on speculation, hearsay, and sensationalism, and may distract from the real challenges and opportunities that humanity faces in exploring and understanding the cosmos. As such, it is important to approach these theories with critical thinking and empirical scrutiny, and to seek evidence-based explanations for any unexplained phenomena.


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