The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

    The iconic moment for mankind has been the landing of Humans on the Moon and space. It was an emotion of happiness that washed the entire world when the news of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon spread. This event repeated again, and again when many more astronauts landed on the moon. However, what’s peculiar is that all of these missions were undertaken only by the United States, no other country, in the last 40 years, has successfully landed its astronauts on the moon. What is so special and idiosyncratic about the Americans that in spite of technological advancements in every other country, the only country to successfully land astronauts on the moon is America? Why is it that except for the Apollo missions, no other manned missions to the moon have succeeded in this endeavor?

    These missions were a hoax, and every landing was a hoax. There’s no other valid and convincing theory to explain the fact that no other country has ever sent its astronauts on the moon. ISRO (India), CNSA (China), JAXA (Japan), Roscosmos (Russia) and ESA (Europe) are equally competent and adroit agencies. However, none of these have ever succeeded in such a mission. It is impossible to believe that these agencies lack the flair and have not been able to cope with similar technology for the last 40 years! Additionally, the proofs and supporting arguments provided by conspiracy theorists function as supplements thereby further strengthening these suspicions.

    One of the promoters of the moon landing conspiracy theory was the Fox television network. It claimed that NASA, in union with other agencies, faked the first landing in 1969 in order to win the space race. It presented what’s become the most enduring claims by hoaxers: Those astronauts could have not passed through the Van Allen radiation belts, in order to get to the moon.

    The moon landing hoax evidence:

    There aren’t any stars in the background:

    It is often pointed that the background of many pictures provided by the NASA, do not have any stars in the background. Moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, so shouldn’t there be thousands of stars in the background? If the landings were faked on a studio stage, the photographers made a huge mistake and forgot to “switch on” the stars.  

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    The American flag seems as it is “flapping” in the breeze

    In the video footage issued by the NASA, the American flag appears to flutter in the wind. That’s not possible though; since Moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, there wouldn’t be any air to flap and ruffle the flags either.

    Impressions or Footprints:

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    The landing module weighs 17 tons, and yet sits on top of the lunar sand, without leaving any impressions on it. Whereas, the footprints of the astronaut, are not only explicitly visible, but also unexpectedly well preserved.

    Slow motion film and wires:

    If you speed of the film of the astronauts walking on the moon’s surface, they look like they were originally filmed on earth and later slowed down. 

    Shadows on the Moon:

    The only source of light is the sun on the moon. All shadows must have been parallel to each other. It seems that there were multiple sources of light, as in a film shoot, since the shadows fall at different places.

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    The C-rock:

    The most famous pictures from the moon landings show that there was a letter C carved on its surface. The C looks perfectly symmetrical, making it unlikely to be natural. Theorists say that it was a prop, and there was no proof that it was from the moon.

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    Whether the moon landing was faked or true is a question, the answer to which is only known only by its pioneers. However, what most people forget is that it is not possible to fool everyone, every time. There will be a group of people who will manage to find out the truth and pay attention to the minutest of details. This conspiracy theory is one of the most famous theories that has never failed to amaze people. The conspiracy of moon landing is one of the most jaw-dropping theories ever. Based on which side of the argument one gets convinced with, a belief about this can be formed.


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