Fall Of The Titanic: Accident Or Conspiracy?

    One of the most magnificent creations of the world, the RMS Titanic, was the pride and joy of many. However, its untimely destruction in 1912 sent shock waves across the world. It invited its own shares of speculations about how something built with absolute perfection could just hit an iceberg and sink? Here are some of the most famous theories put forth by researchers...

    How Christmas Came To Be Celebrated?

    We all remember to wish each other Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year at the end of each year. Although Christmas traditionally celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, people celebrate it irrespective of their religious leanings with a wide exchange of gifts and good wishes. Noël in French, Natale in Italian, and Navidad in Spanish, Christmas is related to the nativity. Therefore, it is...

    Why Is Enoch Lincoln’s Body Nowhere To Be Found?

    History mentions another famous personality, Enoch Lincoln, who served as the sixth governor of Maine.  After his demise, his buried body went missing, sowing the seeds for many conspiracies. His life cycle was left incomplete when his soul got trapped on Earth. Let us try to dig a little deeper. Early Life:  In 1788 Worcester, on December 28, Lincoln was born in Massachusetts. He was the...

    The Nok Civilization: The Mysteriously Advanced West African Civilization

    The unique Nok Civilization was first unearthed in 1928 when many remarkable terracotta artifacts were dug out by a group of tin miners in the Kaduna state of Central Nigeria. This intrigued archeologists' interest, which gave way to extensive excavations into the Nok civilization, suggesting that they may have been the first complex civilization in West Africa, introducing themselves around 900 BC until their...

    The Idols Smuggled From Temples Of Tamil Nadu

    All cherish the International art exhibitions, but some of the precious idols and antiques from Indian history are among those antiques. Although these idols have a great demand, few ponder the sources that supplied these rich art pieces. The majority of stone idols, jewelry, pillars that are auctioned carry India's rich culture and travel to these exhibitions through illegal routes. How Do The Pockets Fill? More...

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