Netflix: Are Others Chilling at Your Cost?

    Netflix doesn’t need any introduction today. Even if you are not familiar with Stranger Things or The Crown, you must be familiar with one of the many series and movies available on the streaming website.


    But this article is not about how great Netflix’s selection of series and movies is. The next few paragraphs would change your perception of Netflix and security.

    Trade Of Netflix Passwords

    Either you have Netflix, the password of which is shared amongst your dear friends, or someone you know has Netflix who has shared their password with you. But no, this consensual sharing of account information is not what we are talking about.

    What if someone uses your account without your permission? What if your Continue Watching keeps changing? What if, out of the blue, bizarre movie or series recommendations turn up?


    Would you be worried? If not, then you should be. And if worried, you should be aware of why that might be happening. Your password is your key to entertainment, but since it is not free, your entertainment becomes a commodity. And commodities are liable to be stolen.

    Similarly, your Netflix password can be traded by a third party for their benefit, at your cost.

    How Is It Done?

    Hacking is something that leaves us in awe when we watch movies about it, but in reality, everyone is wary of hacking and in no way wants to be hacked. But maybe Netflix users need to be vigilant rather than wary because the hackers are coming for them.

    via- The Sun

    According to reports, hackers and other cyber-criminals steal passwords and additional sensitive information from unsuspecting individuals through Trojan malware or phishing scams.

    In these scams, the user is sent a link and is essentially tricked into providing their email address and password by directing them to a similar website, which steals their data. The fake webpage does the work, and the user remains in the dark.

    What Happens Next?

    Your precious Netflix account information, which you buy with your hard-earned money, is then traded for mere cents. Since there are over 300,000 accounts on Netflix currently, sellers do not face loss. There have been reports that account information has been selling for 25 cents per account.

    via- The Conversation

    This scam is not done by people just for fun either. There lies something dark behind it. People who buy the information are also advised to refrain from changing any personal information on the account as it may lead to the owner getting suspicious or aware of the theft.

    This seems especially malicious because users won’t know what hit them if they are not looking too close. If you are suspicious of some recent activity in your account, you can quickly check it yourself.

    What You Can Do?

    You can go to your account and look through Viewing Activity. By clicking on Recent Account Access, you can find out what devices are connected to your account. Once you have confirmed that these devices are unknown, and most probably of strangers, you can easily remove them.


    After clicking Log Out Of All Devices, you can change your password and end any future worries. All you have to do then is to be careful about how you are logging into Netflix. Make sure you don’t log in through third-party links or fall for offers that promise free or less pricey Netflix subscriptions.

    Who would have thought that Netflix would become a source of worry after being perceived as a source of comfort and pleasure for so long? If you want to have a good experience on the website and app, all you have to do is be a little careful.

    What else? Netflix and Chill.


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