Existence Of Aliens On The Moon: An Unanswered Mystery

    Many theories and researches suggest that there are certain unidentified traces on the moon that are a mystery. Has someone else also landed on the moon, and that is unknown to the world? Is there already a life that exists on the moon? Did NASA really discover the existence of aliens on the moon? Theories suggest that on the dark side of the moon, not visible...

    Does Ancient Civilization Went To Mars Before Us?

    Mars is the second closest planet to the earth and it is very much similar to earth. But it is cold, barren, and deadly. We are still not able to set foot on Mars, but is it possible that ancient civilization went to Mars hundreds of years ago? Does ancient civilization used to contact people/aliens living on Mars? Maybe humans actually originated on Mars...

    What Are The Himalayas Hiding ?

    It might sound a little bizarre to some of us, but for the conspiracy-lovers, it is big news. India might be having its own UFO base in Himalayas! While there are a lot of ifs and buts around it, its time for us to keep the facts on the table. All of us are aware of the Kongka La. It is the low ridge pass...

    What lurks in the town of Nome, Alaska?

    What inspired the directors of the major motion picture, The Fourth Kind (2009)? based upon the Town of Nome, Alaska. The small town of Nome is a pleasant Alaskan town. It claims to be home to one of the largest's gold pans. But it hides a secret, mysterious to the outside world. The town of Nome experienced some questionable and mysterious disappearances of its citizens...

    Experiments in Time: By U.S. Government

    Montauk Point, known to most New Yorkers for its picturesque beauty and landmark lighthouse, is located at the easternmost end of Long Island. On the ancient Fort Hero's grounds, there is a mysterious and ruined Air Force base to the immediate south of the lighthouse. Despite being formally abolished and abandoned by the U.S. Air Force, it reopened in 1969 and continues to operate...
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