Existence Of Aliens On The Moon: An Unanswered Mystery

    Many theories and researches suggest that there are certain unidentified traces on the moon that are a mystery. Has someone else also landed on the moon, and that is unknown to the world? Is there already a life that exists on the moon? Did NASA really discover the existence of aliens on the moon?

    Theories suggest that on the dark side of the moon, not visible from the earth, is an ancient, alien city. NASA images seem to show squared shaped blocks, which theorists claim that it is proof of an ancient civilization.   

    Proofs Suggesting The Existence Of Aliens On The Moon   

    Proofs Suggesting The Existence Of Aliens On The Moon
    Source: Daily Express

    Certain theories suggest different unidentified traces that were found on the moon and have no scientific clarification and are still a mystery. Some pictures show square-shaped rocks, and alien-hunters have claimed that those could be buildings that are the alien hideouts; the structures look to have been abandoned million years ago, leading them to believe a “tragic incident” happened, which made aliens leave the moon.

    Proofs Suggesting The Existence Of Aliens On The Moon
    Source: Daily Express

    Scott C. Waring wrote about his intriguing theory on the ET Data Base that some objects seem to be very reflective, yet they have dark black areas, having a lot of right angles, and appear to be structured. Some objects were the white reflective roofs or buildings, having openings that allow ships to come and go. Some ships in those structures are halfway out, which makes to think some tragic event happened that stopped them from exiting entirely. 

    Scott also suggested that the ancient city could have once included the port. Other theories claim that alien life still lives on the moon. Over the years, they have also claimed to have spotted pyramids and other monuments.   

    Was The Moon Landing Fake?

    Was The Moon Landing Fake?
    Source: Medium

    It took thousands of NASA employees and contractors to put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969, but only one man to spread the idea that it was all a hoax. He was Bill Kaysing.

    According to the sources, it is confirmed that Kaysing has contributed to the US space program, albeit tenuous: between 1956 and 1963. He was the employee of Rocketdyne, a company that contributed to design the Saturn V rocket engines. In 1976, he self-published a pamphlet called We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, which sought evidence for his conviction using old vintage photocopies and ludicrous theories. Yet somehow, he established few points that are kept alive to this day in Hollywood movies and Fox News documentaries, Reddit forum, and YouTube channels.

    Last year, the daytime TV show This Morning welcomed a guest who argued that no one could walk on the moon as the moon is made up of light. One fact is that no stars were visible in the pictures; another is the lack of a blaster crater, and the third is to do with the way the shadow falls.   

    What Did Apollo 11 Discover During Its Lost Two Minutes Of Silence?   

    In April 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 landed on the moon, but moon landing experts have accused NASA of hiding vital information on what really happened. Shortly after the Apollo 11 Lunar Module eagle reached the surface of the moon with astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, radio communication was cut short. Over the years, NASA scientists and theorists have used this two-minutes radio silence to challenge NASA, claiming humans never really went to the moon. Some researchers also claim NASA’s astronauts who went on the moon came across evidence of alien activity on the moon.   

    Did Astronauts See Something Mind-boggling On The Moon?   

    Did Astronauts See Something Mind-boggling On The Moon?
    Source: Business Insider

    One of the researchers, author David Childress, said several “parked UFOs” on the moon, were seized during this gap and withheld from the public. Mr. Childress told that the astronauts did talk about looking at unidentified extraterrestrial objects on the moon, including the flying saucers parked along the edge of a crater within their view. Another conspiracy theorist, Mike Bara, author of Ancient Aliens on The Moon, similarly alleged NASA’s astronauts were astonished by an incredible discovery. Mr. Bara, who appeared on the History Channel, said both NASA astronauts were quite unhappy about something they saw on the moon within 30 minutes of their landing.   

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