Is The Mysterious Brunswick Springs In Vermont Cursed By Natives?

    Brunswick Springs in Vermont is a spring that has exceptional stories to tell. The surrounding environment of Vermont has gained a mysterious eye of locals for this place. However, the brook of the place, and especially the spring, has the most controversial stories to tell. Many people view this area as sacred, haunted, cursed, and somewhat surreal. Even though after many attempts, scientific observations do not align with the beliefs of viewing, it as cursed.

    The Brunswick Springs In Vermont

    The Brunswick Springs In Vermont
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    The Brunswick Springs in Vermont holds a history of the oddity tales that spread in the town. Brunswick is a town located in Vermont, California. Brunswick is a lowly populated area where the percentage of all the age groups remains parallel. Additionally, the population was 211 in 2010, according to Wikipedia. It flows 65 feet below in the Connecticut River.

    Springs With Different Minerals

    Brunswick is a homeland for six mineral springs. Interestingly, each spring constitutes a different mineral: magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iron, arsenic. This thought-provoking fact has invited many business advancements and development in that area.

    The Abenaki Curse

    The Abenaki Curse
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    The Abenakis relied on the spring for its healing properties. It all started during the French and Indian war. In 1748, Abenaki mates of the French soldier bought him near the spring to heal the wound. As a result, “He was put under the springs and got cured,” said Henry Kettle. Henry Kettle’s father built a hotel on the springs, but soon it was buried to the ground.

    Impressed by the magical water, the French soldier poured water in the bottle and started making money. However, the Abenakis objected to its sale that resulted in a fight between the clan and the soldier. Unfortunately, a man and a child were killed. “Whoever will try to profit from this heavenly water would always fail,” said the child’s mother.

    The Doom Of Hotels

    Even after the tales of the curse, the business began to flourish in that area. In 1832, the first hotel was built above the springs. “Medicine waters of great spirits,” the water of Brunswick Springs in Vermont was served to 60 chambers of the hotel. In a short period, the hotel became renowned and acknowledged by everybody. Many started idealizing this exotic sacred place as a goldmine.

    The Tragedy Strikes Twice

    The owner died in 1910, and John Hutchins renamed the hotel as Pine Crest Lodge. However, reports claim about three fires in three years, and Pine Crust Lodge was burned down with the other two Hutchins hotels. Though records claim, the fire was caused by the combustion of paint fumes. Many believed it was the Abenaki’s mother curse.

    The Strange Feeling

    The Strange Feeling
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    As people believed it to be cursed by an Abenaki woman, the locals reported unusual ongoings. The reports stated the hanging of two men in the area.

    Also, one woman drove her car into the lake that got submerged in the spring. Even Kettle, while describing an incident of her brother, said, “It made him feel sick,” as his brother saw a man hanging himself.

    No Developments In Future

    If business opportunists saw this as the opportunity of investing in an architectural building, they could not. “The Swanton Abenaki formed a non-profit organization to raise enough funds to buy their sacred land,” according to Whittaker. The area around the spring belongs to the people of Abenaki, and further development will ruin the exotic beauty of the spring and its people.

    Was It A Curse Or Accidents?

    In respect, to their beliefs, about the curse, there is no scientific confirmation, about the healing properties of water. A geologist from New Jersey tested the water; he observed the presence of different sulfur levels in six springs, but locals still believe it is extraordinary.

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