Is Disney So Pure and Innocent as it seems?

    Now and then, Disney is somewhere playing with the minds of the innocents to create the New World Order. This is done through the idea of playing satanic and subtle sexual innuendos in the background to corrupt the minds of innocent children.

    The life of the much loved and famous creator Walt Disney. He was a 33rd-degree freemason. Although Freemasons and Illuminati are not related, it is often cited that earlier certain members were part of both Illuminati and Freemasons.

    And yet here are the cartoons that use sexual subliminal imagery.

    Let’s look at some examples.

    The idea behind 666 is to incarnate devil which is usually related to satanic worship and cult practices that are prevalent in the Illuminati. The idea here is to introduce the idea of the devil into the young minds.

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    Even her structure is very similar to Baal, one of the seven princes of biblical hell, which the Illuminati are known to worship. The idea here is to pollute the minds of young individuals and condition them to pray to evil and stray further from god every day.

    We have more images above which show the word “Illuminati” written in the background along with the image of an eye and “666” which both correlate to the symbol of the Illuminati.
    Through the above images, it has been established that Disney has ties to the evil Illuminati and their satanic cult.

    Image result for Disney

    In the new cartoon, Gravity Falls, Uncle Stan’s hat is connected to Freemason. Usually worn by the members of a 33rd-degree freemason, which eerily associates with the membership that Walt Disney had.
    Gravity Falls also hosts other subtle symbols that suggest the presence of the Illuminati.

    The Masonic cult symbol flashes before the introduction.

    Sexual innuendos are very prevalent as they are subtly put in the background along with satanic rituals. The Illuminati cult is strongly linked with satanic worship, child sacrifice, and pedophilia circles of Hollywood.

    Moreover, the use of subliminal messages is a very subtle way to groom the young mind for the sex cult and pedophilic activities of Uncle Walt and other sick people which have strings to control the young mind. Subliminal messages are defined as the ones that are designed to pass below the normal limits of perception.

    They’re inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the deeper or unconscious mind. Here, the Disney cartoon triggers the sexual need in the young mind to groom them for the sex cult of Disney. The hyper-sexualization of children is illustrated in these ways.

    Image result for lion king

    The five pictures are the most important examples that how the sick minds are running Disney and Hollywood.
    The illuminati cult is deep and hard in Disney World to pollute the minds of children.


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