Is The Death Of Princess Diana Still A Conspiracy Theory?

    One of the most beautiful ladies in the history of mankind has the biggest conspiracy attached to her death. The blue-eyed beauty, and also one of the most mysterious lady is none other than princess Diana.

    Why Her Accident Excites The Theorists?

    The infamous death of Lady Diana still remains as the firm interest for the conspiracy theorists. The reason for its undisputed position on being on top of the list till date is the number of theories, and figures that have been put forth in the years of her death.

    Dodi-al-Fayed also died in the accident along with the driver, named Henri Paul and bodyguard which persuaded to a certain set of possible events that led to an operation to find whether these uncertainties had any super confidential truths attached to it.

    Theories Attached To Her “So called Accident”

    • Diana was fearing that the British establishment was after her. This thought got sparks when her very own butler showed off a letter written by Diana where she was really frightened about her safety. However, there has been no solid evidence of the fact that the British royal family had any role in her death.
    • There were a lot of rumors doing rounds at that time about Diana’s pregnancy, which even Mohamed-al-fayed, father of Dodi-al-Fayed agreed that the British empire must be annoyed enough to take an heir with this background.
    • Theories have also been put forth over the years are that the driver  was drunk but many believe the tests were intentionally mended enough to stage the drama on to the favor of the royal, but even after all this test till date there has been no such case where it is proven that the driver was not drunk.
    • Another of a very mysterious fact that on the night of accident all the cameras installed in the road where not working that day!
    • As we look into the life of Diana we witness numerous circumstances which Diana was wrapped into, the unwanted paparazzi over her marriage, affairs, her inside rivalry with the British royal members and you never know the list goes on.

    Diana’s death has a sequence of coincidences which finally lead to a mysterious gateway of what all could have happened. Or is it just that our mind is not ready to accept that this was one fatal accident that the globe had to witness.

    The Code Of Conduct > Diana’s Life

    The British royal has still sustained its position of not having any involvement behind the death of Diana. However, venturing deep into the facts and figures one can also make themselves believe for the fact that even if the British planned Diana’s death, it was for the sake of the royal dynasty.

    The British royal, know for its dignified code of conduct from time immemorial couldn’t have sustained the numerous amount of tension Diana was causing for the Royals.

    If this remains the under hard truth for Diana’s death, it is a validation for the zealot British Royal fans but this side of the story also questions the humanitarian grounds. Is any code of conduct of a dynasty more important than a person’s life.

    Do the British royal really did anything to Diana only for the sake of their dignified image or was it Diana herself for the cause of her death.

    Did Diana’s constant public image which was going downhills also the cause of this dramatic death or is it high time to shut every doubting window and rest ourselves into the grief of losing a woman of such beauty.

    The fact that this death story remains the talk till date is what is so astonishing. Will there ever be any of the conspiracy theories that would go on to become the truth of this situation. Well, we can just wait and watch till then !!


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