Was The Former Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa Pushed To Her Death Bed?

    Numerous conspiracies surround the news of the death of J. Jayalalithaa that surfaced in India. There is an individual explanation for the reason for the death of Former CM J. Jayalalithaa. The conspiracies are fuelled by theories regarding friendship, trust, affection, betrayal, and lots of politics in between. It has been believed that the death of Former CM Jayalalithaa was a consequence of her receiving slow poison by her trustable friend in her inner circle— Shashikala Natrajan.

    About The Death Of J. Jayalalithaa

    About the death of J. Jayalalithaa
    Source: DNA India

    J. Jayalalithaa, after spending 72 days in Apollo hospital, died on 5th December 2016, and the reason drawn was cardiac arrest. The day after the news of her death, Shashikala was announced as the CM of Tamil Nadu, and a press conference of doctors for rejecting the rumors was held. The doctors discussed Jayalalithaa’s condition and said that she was given antibiotics, kept sedated, and put on a ventilator. They had further reported that they were unwilling to disclose more about the medications but said she had diabetes and was hypertensive.

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    The Bond Between J. Jayalalithaa And Shashikala Natrajan

    About the bond between J. Jayalalithaa and Shashikala Natrajan
    Source: DNA India

    Shashikala hailed from Thiruthuraipoondi, where her grandfather was recorded to have run a medical shop. The ownership of the shop was then transferred to his son, who was another DMK sympathizer, according to some reports. The elder son then shifted to Mannargudi because of his transfer and constructed a house with all his siblings. The whole Mannagudi family initially was a sympathizer of DMK, the opposition party of AIADMK; however, it ended after an incident. Shashikala later married Natrajan, a DMK youth leader.

    Shashikala’s life went downhill, and she was forced to open a video rental shop. She had also started shooting functions, and one day Natrajan approached V. Chandralekha for putting in a word with Jayalalithaa so that Shashikala can record her public events. Jayalalithaa at that time was a supreme figure already of the ruling party, AIADMK.

    This became a turning point in Shashikala’s life, and people witnessed an unbreakable bond between the two ladies. The 1980 power struggle after the death of MGR resulted in a downfall in the political career of J. Jayalalithaa, making their even bond stronger.

    The Tentacles Of Mannargudi Mafia Dig Deeper:-

    There were many reports that during the six months when AIADMK was in power, the family of Shashikala, the Mannargudi Mafia, had dug its roots deeper. Some reports claimed that they had already started earning monetary benefits through hikes of liqueur and bus fare

    Their structure was so well organized that they had tracking ministers, and with every minister, a personal assistant was appointed. Shashikala had become so powerful she gave orders on behalf of Jayalalithaa, and some reports even claimed that she used to filter everything that came to J. Jayalalithaa.

    The Clash Of The Two Powers

    Jayalalithaa back then wanted to award the Chennai monorail project to a Singapore company; however, in the end, she received a report that a Malaysian company was put on top. Jayalalithaa learned that her forged signatures were used while examining the entire correspondence. There were also reports that she had asked for independent medical reports and found out that she was being given sedatives and certain chemical substances, which had small doses of poison.

    The reports also highlighted that Shashikala had appointed the nurse. K. Ramanujam, DGP, had also bugged Shashikala’s family’s meetings, revealing major conspiracies against Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa had slowly started striking off the people of the Mannargurdi family from the party. She also directed them not to receive orders on behalf of her and asked the Mannargudi family to pack their bags. 

    Jayalalithaa Was Hospitalized To Cover The Incident At Poes Garden

    PH Panadian, a Tamil Nadu assembly speaker, had accused that Jayalalitha was admitted to the hospital to cover the incident in Chennai at Poes Garden. He had further narrated the astonishing details that amidst the argument with the Shashikala’s family, she was knocked down and became unconscious.

    Shashikala As The Next CM Of Tamil Nadu

    The favor is given to Shashikala as the next CM of Tamil Nadu
    Source: The Indian Express

    In another surprising development, it was seen that party leaders were made to say that Shashikala should be made the party chief. There were many eyebrows raised, as initially, Shashikala had promised not to assume a political position. There were reports of a midnight coup where the signs of all the Party Ministers were collected on blank A4 size papers, without any questions asked.

    Some Other Questioned Facts:-

    Among an ocean of questions and facts, the most suspicious fact was the utmost secrecy during the while J. Jayalalithaa was admitted. Shashikala did not even allow Jayalalithaa’s blood relatives to visit, according to many facts. The CCTV footage, throughout Jayalalithaa’s stay in the hospital, was not made available.

    There were four marks observed on the cheeks of J. Jayalalithaa, later clarified by doctors. A senior journalist published a report about a leaked mail stating that she was given the wrong medication for diabetes.

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