The Society of Freemasons: is it what it seems?

    Freemasonry is considered to be believed as a decade-old secret society with the goal of world domination. BUT ARE THEY REALLY WHAT THEY ARE BELIEVED TO BE?

    The Theory

    Freemasons are believed to practice rituals to earn different degrees of acknowledgment as a freemason within their organization. The highest degree of power is the 33rd and the lowest is 3. Freemasonry in the US allows only male members to be part of the lodges whereas women are allowed to be a part too but only in the European lodges for the same. Masonic symbols are believed to be hidden around in public places.

    What is Freemasonry?

    Freemasonry is NOTHING like a secret society. Freemasons are allowed to acknowledge their participation. They are believed to follow an ancient order of rituals. This helps their members achieve moral correctness imbibe in their ethics and search for truth.

    They function on the axiom of believing in a supreme power above humanity and practicing devotion towards the same. The members do not discuss or discriminate between religions and their respective deities or religious beliefs. Freemasons cannot discuss religion or politics. The only regulation of the society is the non-disclosure of their rituals to other non-masons.

    There is no supreme leader/ authoritative group in the hierarchy of freemasons but superior lodges overlooking the local ones in a particular region.

    Some of the most famous Freemasons include George Washington, JAY-Z, Benjamin Franklin, Mozart, and Winston Churchill.

    How it began

    The Freemasons society began its formation in medieval Europe as a guild for masons but later became a social organization instead. The first grand lodge was created in 1717 in London.

    They were considered a suspicious fraternity because of not disclosing their rituals. They had secret handshakes which caused Pope Clement the 7th to issue a decree against freemasonry which was considered satanic in 1738.

    To join the fraternity, interested individuals are to file a petition to the local lodge to be a 3rd-degree member and then can join offshoots.

    Moreover, of the 56 figures who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine were confirmed Masons, according to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania; and of the 39 delegates of the Continental Congress who signed the draft of the new nation’s Constitution in 1787, only 13 (one-third) were Freemasons because of which many people — including some Freemasons — say that the back of the dollar bill which features an incomplete pyramid with an eye on top of it is a Masonic symbol, but that’s not the case.


    • Atheists cannot become Freemasons due to the lack of belief in supremacy above human beings.

    Freemasonry believes in teaching a lesson of morality, friendship, and brotherhood which explains the thought behind their symbol.

    There are two known branches of freemasonry: The ‘regular’ guided by the United Grand Lodge of England and the ‘liberal’ guided by The Grand Orient of France.

    • Astronaut Buzz Aldrin is assumed to be a member of Clear Lake Lodge number 1417 in Texas.
    • During the American civil war, enemy soldiers who recognized each other as freemasons helped each other and saved each other’s lives.
    • Sun-worshipping is the core of Freemasonry.

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