Predictive Programming: A Mere Coincidence or Creepy Brainwashing?

    We’ve seen popular incidents being predicted left and right before their actual untimely occurrence represented through shows and cartoons. If you want to understand this conspiracy theory, we must think about what Predictive Programming is.

    What is Predictive Programming?

    Predictive Programming is the conditioning of the human mind wherein a subtle form of psychological conditioning is provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders as described by Alan Watt.

    He stated that this concept was based on “the power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome” thereby using manipulation and mind control to lessen public resistance if these incidents actually put through as they are already familiarized with these moments.

    As we know what it does, here are some instances where media played a major role in shaping our minds.

     The 9/11 incident

    There are instances about the 9/11 predictions splattered over various media that had truly put us in wonder. The surprising part of these predictions is that most of the predictions and conditioning is seen in children’s shows. Here are some of those incidents :

    •  An ad of 1968 where the front page of the newspaper had a plane flying into two identical buildings. This ad was published by realtors to show that they will construct tall skyscrapers that weren’t popular back then.
    • A clip from 1997 Ghostbusters cartoon showed two twin buildings merely collapsing into dust.
    • Another example of 9/11 predictions was seen in an Iron Man cartoon where the twin towers were destroyed.
    • A scene from the Johnny Bravo cartoon. It had a subtle reference as the two main characters are fighting. The poster behind them shows a tower going up in flames with the label ‘coming soon’. This happened merely a few months before 9/11, indicating that it was really coming soon.
    • Another creepy ad for arthritis showed a plane named ‘Arthritis” crashing into the twin towers which symbolized the leg bones.

    Government Control

    Another popular conspiracy is that predictive programming is being used the government to control the citizens and have all private information about them or any of the things they want to happen in the future. This is achieved through movies and TV shows portraying futuristic gadgets that are used to control the audience.

    • The I, Robot movie featured an automated world where every gadget knew about our history to make our lives easier. But the same gadgets could also be seen as a means of keeping tabs on us. For example, automated cars.
    • Face and retina scans were shown in popular detective movie scenes before they truly existed to detect a person’s recognition. Now, we have them embedded in our phones as a means of protection.
    • Also, an ad of a wrist radio called the Dick Tracy Watch, allowed to keep in touch with our bodies. Several years later we were bestowed with the Apple watches that have access to all of our personal information.

     The Illuminati

    Yes, we all know about this so-called cult used for acquiring fame and popularity. The concept is highly popularized and is often seen by celebrities doing the Illuminati sign or dedicating something to them.

    There is a popular example of the Taco Bell ad that states ‘Is it the Illuminati?’

    Popular TV show host, Jimmy Kimmel is seen making the Illuminati sign as a joke.

    A scene from Tom and Jerry is seen back in 2005. Here, the aristocrats wore a pyramid hat and got control as a way of showcasing the power of the Illuminati.

    When Does Predictive Programming Begin?

    This theory is most often seen in the cartoon. These shows allow them to start early and mold the impressionable minds of young children. In a cartoon on sesame street, the Cookie Monster destroys the twin towers which dates back to our parent’s time.

    Another cartoon from our grandparent’s time showed a cartoon screaming, ‘The towers they’re falling”. And while they may not have shown an actual clip, they have been going on for very long.


    . It is only a matter of time until we dance to the tunes of people who are in charge. Whether it is the government or the Illuminati or some unknown entity and we won’t even know it. We will be busy relishing in the comfort and false world of satisfaction they have fabricated for us. Therefore, in an attempt to smoothen the transition and take over our personal lives.


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