Prediction 1: Vaccines will Backfire upon us

    The most famous scientist after Albert Einstein is Stephen Hawking. He is known for his groundbreaking discoveries in the field of Physics and Cosmology. Hawking had devoted his life to pursue knowledge and explain the unknown.

    Well, that turned out to be brilliant as his discoveries were profound and inspiring. His view on the future of the Earth and its habitats were extremely pessimistic. Before his death in the year of 2018 in Cambridge, he made seven terrifying predictions on our universe and its components. The first prediction was about “Genetically Modified Vaccines”.

    What is GM (Genetically Modified) Vaccine?

    Genetically Modified Vaccine is a preparation of direct manipulation of genes of weakened or killed pathogens. This could be a virus or a bacterium that upon administration stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen.

    But it is incapable to cause a severe infection. These vaccines intend to provide individuals with immunological protection before an infection actually takes place. However, the immune system is very complex. Immunity against different infectious agents is based on fine tuned balances. Such balance is between various types of cells, signal substances and antibodies that make up the total immune system.

    The case of GM Hepatitis B vaccine

    One of the most famous GM vaccines was the Hepatitis B vaccine. Despite the early success demonstrated with the hepatitis B vaccine, no other engineered vaccine has been approved for use in humans. It is unlikely that a vaccine will be developed to replace an existing licensed human vaccine with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

    The potential risks of the vaccines

    1. They can bring changes in the cell, tissue, of host and the carrier through the incorporation of foreign genes.

    2. These vaccines can carry on exchange of genetic information with wild-type strains of the carrier organism on their own due to the presence of weakened organisms in it.

    3. They can also spread in the environment like an epidemic even if one of them goes in a wrong direction of its working metabolism.

    Only limited experimental data is available on changes in biological behaviour of microorganisms through the incorporation of foreign genes.


    Therefore, Stephen Hawking, the certified genius said that one of the greatest threats to mankind wasn’t coming from space but rather from people on Earth. 

    Since scientists started training with genetically engineered viruses and treating human illnesses, they have also discovered other possible uses for them. Researchers tried to create a virus that could kill cancer cells ended up making one that can kill alcoholism.

    They did this by introducing certain information into the neurons that control alcohol urge to drink. But nowadays pharmacies are combining certain deadly viruses into a single shot and doing a bit of DNA mixing.

    Take the example of rot attack vaccine it was designed to protect from Rotaviruses and babies are given three doses before they’re even six months old.

    What they didn’t tell you is that this medicine is made by a cross of human and cow DNA. Babies are twice more likely to join, after they have been vaccinated.

    Although the pharmacies intention might be good, the problem is that we don’t fully understand the long-term damage these vaccines might have.

    Every time people try to warn people about the action of certain vaccines. Due to the pressure of the pharmaceutical companies the voices are shut down for the sake of their company’s future and investment. Maybe, whatever Stephen Hawking said was true or will the vaccines really backfire on us ?


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