Marilyn Monroe’s Death And 3 Conspiracies

    No matter where you come from, you must have heard about Marilyn Monroe. Breathtakingly beautiful, she was found dead at her residence in 1962, when she was just 36 years old. Lying naked on her bed with a telephone receiver in one hand and a bottle of Nembutal lying empty nearby, her death was soon ruled as a suicide.

    Marilyn Monroe
    Credits: Refinery29

    But if it were a suicide, we wouldn’t still be writing about it, and you wouldn’t be reading this. If there is anything that came out of this whole incident, it was this: Things are never as simple as they appear to be.

    Here are three conspiracy theories about Monroe’s death that you should know:

    1. She’s Still Alive:

    She’s Still Alive
    Credits: Mental Floss

    Conspiracies about faking deaths will never get old, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot have some ounce of truth in them. According to this theory, Monroe’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, took matters into his own hands and committed the actress to a mental institution in Canada after her mental health deteriorated.

    The author John Alexander Baker, who wrote Marilyn Monroe: Alive in 1984? believes that Monroe stayed at the institution for two decades. Baker claims that he found Monroe as a hitchhiker in 1984 and described her as “homeless, frightened, paranoid schizophrenic.” Baker had his doubts given the woman’s mental condition, but the physical resemblance and the similarity of singing voice were too great to dismiss.

    2. The Kennedys were Involved:

    The Kennedys were Involved
    The Only Photo of JFK and Marlyn. Credits: Time Magazine

    As per this theory, the Kennedy brothers, namely former US President John F. Kennedy and his brother, US Attorney General Robert F Kennedy, planned to silence Monroe once and for all because they were threatened to reveal confidential government information. It is speculated that she might have collected this sensitive information during her time with the Kennedy brothers.

    Monroe allegedly had affairs with both the brothers. She is also said to have kept a “little red book” with secret information. Afraid that this information would get out, the Kennedy brothers took advantage of Monroe’s struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Marilyn Monroe had been known to stage suicides to seek attention. Conspiracy theorists believe that she was given all the needed things to commit suicide and was deliberately not helped.

    3. Killed To Protect Extraterrestrial Information:

    killed to protect Extraterrestrial Information
    Roswell, New Mexico is popular among tourists. Credits:

    Branching from the above-mentioned theory, this theory suggests that Marilyn Monroe knew a little bit too much about aliens and was murdered to cover it all up. How did she know about aliens in the first place? John F. Kennedy, of course!

    This theory may seem far-fetched, but not to Dr. Steven Greer, who brought it to the forefront with the airing of the documentary Unacknowledged. According to Greer, JFK had witnessed a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, and had told Monroe about it. JFK told Monroe that he had been witness to “things from outer space.” If the country’s president leaks susceptible information such as this, government authorities must step in to smooth things over. In Monroe’s case, it was the CIA that did the dirty work.

    Greer bases all this on certain “smoking gun documents” and a wiretap done on the actress, which have never been declassified for the public to see. If we go by this theory, Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she would have gone public with the information the US President had told her voluntarily. Her death could have been prevented if she hadn’t known all the things Kennedy told her.

    In Conclusion:

    A mystery still surrounds Marilyn Monroe’s death, so conspiracy theories are the only things we can truly hold close to when it comes to searching for the truth. Maybe it was a suicide but even then, the reason to be suspicious remains, especially if you consider the mystery that surrounded her when she was alive. This mystery will remain hanging like a cloud over her death, which was unfortunate and definitely an enigma.


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