Kongka La Pass : India’s own Area 51

    The Mystery pass

    Kongka La Pass is an international mountain pass in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, which is located at the Indo-China border. The road to the summit is made of gravel. This road is impassable in winters and is one of the highest mountain passes in the country.

    While any sort of UFO sightings in the western world is almost immediately put under the spotlight, this place barely gets the type of attention it deserves. This pass is a no man’s land with no permanent settlements and is an entirely inaccessible region. It is commonly known as the place where the famous Indo-Sino war between forces of India and China was fought. However, as of late people have come to believe Kongka La Pass to be a UFO base.

    UFO Sightings

    A lot of people on both sides of the borders report that they have seen UFOs landing in this area. Not only this, according to them, the site also has an underground UFO base. The people who report having seen UFOs landing, also say that they have seen UFOs emerging out of the ground and then disappearing out of nowhere. It is assumed that the reason for this is that the depth of the Earth’s crust in this area is twice more than any other region in the world because the tectonic plates beneath them meet in a very unusual way, with one of the plates diving directly under the other.

    Incidents that were witnessed :

    1. A four feet tall figure, a robot-like humanoid, was seen by a group of geologists while performing an expedition in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh in 2004. When they moved closer to have a better look at the figure, it disappeared in the mountain ridge.
    2. Locals have noticed small triangular objects emerging, flying straight up and disappearing in the sky. A group of Hindu pilgrims, who were on their way to Mount Kailash, noticed a unique arrangement of lights in the sky which is a very common occurrence in the area.
    3. The Indian Army noticed a ribbon-shaped object floating above the Pangong Lake. However, despite being visible to the naked eye this object was not detected by the radar and spectrum analyzer, proving it was a different set of spectrum and object which is not known to mankind.
    4. The greatest speculation was caused by Google Maps. The google earth map for Kongka La Pass displayed the surrounding area of Kongka pass which had buildings that looked exceedingly like a military base. Although if you search on google map now, you won’t be getting any such results since it was removed. Moreover, it is highly unlikely for a company like Google, despite having all the other resources could suffer such technical fault or glitch for such a long time.

    Government’s Role

    The natives believe that both the Indian and Chinese governments are well aware of the extraterrestrial presence in the unknown depth of the Himalayas, but for some reason, they do not want to expose the fact officially. Presently, there has been no definite proof showing the existence of these creatures nor explaining certain phenomena that are related to alien beings. Extraterrestrial life is a subject that borders almost completely on the unknown. However, the possibility of encountering aliens in India has piqued our interest and also given us one more reason to plan a journey to the Himalayas. It is filled with its secrets and has many more mysteries to reveal.


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