HAARP: A Mind Control Lab Or Another Research Facility?

    What comes to your mind when one says mind-control? Massive scientific super technology? Technical science fiction movies? Creepy labs? An alternate world? Well, we could come up with so many things. Probably a set like ‘The Stranger Things’ with a substantial immaculate lab that runs tests on humans to find traces of superpowers.

    Our world has some massive ungodly technologies that are said to be used for good purposes even though they project some serious, sinister doubts, like CERN, for instance. They say they are just studying the universe. Well, only God knows what’s going on in there.

    HAARP has been accused of a similar reason for being a private massive research facility that operates with the elemental forces of nature. So what is this organization up to anyway? Are they working on exploring the mysteries of this world or creating their own mystery? Let’s find out.

    What Is HAARP?


    HAARP is one of the world’s most potent transmitter research facilities situated in Gokana, Alaska. HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  This organization is funded by the US Navy, US AirForce, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is made up of 180 large antennas and 360 transmitters spread over 33 acres. This facility creates about 4 Megawatts of power to study the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere.

    This does sound like a mini power plant and must look terrific and skeptical with its giant antennas that are used to shoot off objects from the sky. Anyways. HAARP is claimed to be a brain-washing lab that is located in the middle of nowhere because the government is lying about its true purpose, which is to control weather patterns and our minds.

    Well, can HAARP truly do that?

    [German] Scottish hydrogen storage ...
    [German] Scottish hydrogen storage facility gets British government’s backing
    How Powerful Is HAARP?


    Well, if you have ever taken a look at its picture, it is definitely going to look like you walked into a stranded scary plot of land with giant weird antennas facing every direction. This facility was built to study the ionosphere, the topmost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is a blanket of electrons and electrically charged atoms and molecules. HAARP provides information about the natural process that occurs at the edge of the atmosphere where the phenomenon like Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights) takes place.

    It’s also the part of the atmosphere where radio waves travel. HAARP shoots high-frequency radio waves into the atmosphere through its radio antennae. The sensors on the ground measure the signals and effects. It’s the only technology used to study the ionosphere because balloons can’t fly that higher, and satellites can’t fly that low. This research facility observes the layers and comes up with enhancements for radio communications and surveillance technology.

    It was also built with the idea of monitoring deep-sea level communications with nuclear submarines and the detection of underground military facilities.

    It doesn’t seem that harmful right? These guys sound legit to me.

    Reasons Why Conspiracy Theorists Consider HAARP Harmful

    Credits: Wired

    There are a number of interesting reasons for scientifically uninformed people to think it’s a huge killing machine.

    1. It is most commonly blamed for triggering natural phenomenons like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, droughts, etc.
    1. It’s been blamed for the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia.
    1. Nick Begich, author of the book “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” says there is a possibility that this technology could control minds and even burn up the atmosphere. He believes that the high frequency produced can alter brain chemistry, which can, in turn, lead to mind control. He also says the technology is possible with this instrument, and if the government gets their hand on it, they’ll definitely try working it.
    1. The Russian military journal wrote that the test would reduce the number of electrons which could lead to the flipping of the magnetic poles of Earth.

    Is HAARP Actually Harmful?

    Source- Anchorage Daily News

    The director of the institute says that they do standard, basic physics research that gives them answers about the ionosphere. His answer is a straight-up ‘No’ to any questions related to HAARP being harmful. When argued that the facility works on hazardous high-frequency radio signals that could damage locals, they said the power generated at HAARP is micro-level compared with power that can be taken from a bolt of lightning. That’s actually another reason why it has been secluded from highly populated areas.

    And to make things more clear, HAARP also holds an open house for people to come and visit, see its workings and get their questions answered.

    It is, therefore, safe to say that HAARP is a research facility, finding answers to the questions of this Earth and hopefully to the universe. The claims about its mind-controlling tendencies are baseless and can be seen to sprout from lack of information and unwillingness to accept development.


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