Tomino’s Hell: The Deadly Curse of the Poem

    How did a poem—Tomino's Hell—written to express one's grief become associated with a deadly curse, which makes you severely sick at best, and at worst, kills you? In 1919, a Japanese poet, Saijo Yaso, published his 27th poetry collection, "Sakin", translated as "Golden Dust" in English. The collection came out after the First World War, and Saijo had lost his father in the war. The...

    Ram Setu: Surprising Coincidence Or A Man-Made Wonder?

    More often than not, people choose to believe in these stories labelled as mythological in our literature. One such story includes the chapter on RAM SETU. There are many ways in which the religious texts and values are deeply rooted in humans; especially, the Indian population. In different religions, the explanations differ on the origin of this Ram Setu- a bridge made of rocks...

    The Murder of Sharon Tate

    Sharon Tate, born in 1943, was the famed actress of movies like Eye of the Devil and Valley of the Dolls, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Sharon had a promising career for her ahead. She was married to Roman Polanski, a French-Polish film director, and was eight months pregnant.   What happened to this young actress that cut her life short...

    The Haunting of The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

    The Millennium Biltmore hotel of the Bowman-Biltmore group, located in Downtown California, Los Angeles is one of the most expensive and lavish hotels in the United States. Named Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel initially, it was opened in 1923 as the largest hotel in the west of Chicago. You might recognize this hotel from many of the TV shows and movies shot here. Independence Day, Ocean's...

    Is Angela Merkel A Reptiloid! – Unravelling The Reptilian Ruler

    The terrifying, life-threatening reptiles are something most of the population is afraid of. These stealthy-looking creatures could possibly suck the life out of you by just one teeny-tiny, not-so-innocent bite. Reptiloids are an even more dangerous species. They are believed to be some evolved version of a human and reptile. They can shape-shift and are very intelligent and use this intelligence to pose like...
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