The Illusion Of Communism In North Korea

    North Korea has long been portrayed as a communist state, but is it truly communist? Some people argue that the regime in North Korea merely uses communism as a disguise to maintain its dictatorship. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into this topic and explore the reasons behind this argument.

    Communism aims for the collective ownership of the means of production along with the elimination of social classes. However, North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-Sung, was a nationalist and a dictator. He didn’t follow Marxist-Leninist principles but created his own ideology known as Juche, which emphasizes self-reliance and also emphasizes the role of the state in achieving it.

    Communism in North Korea? We’ll elaborate.

    1. North Korea’s Political System

    Communism aims for a classless society where everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities. However, North Korea’s political system is highly hierarchical, with the Kim family at the top, followed by the ruling elite, the military, and then the general population. The government has control over all aspects of life, and dissent is not tolerated.

    2. North Korea’s Economy

    Communism aims for the elimination of private ownership of property and resources. However, North Korea’s economy is highly centralized, with the state owning all the resources and means of production. The government controls all economic activity, and there is little room for private enterprise or entrepreneurship.

    3. North Korea’s Propaganda Machine

    Communism aims for the dissemination of information and the creation of an educated society. However, North Korea’s propaganda machine controls the media, and access to information is limited. The regime uses propaganda to maintain its hold on power and to control the narrative.

    4. North Korea’s International Relations

    Communism aims for international solidarity and cooperation. However, North Korea is highly isolated and has strained relations with most countries. The regime’s belligerent stance and nuclear weapons program have further isolated the country and made it a pariah state.

    5. North Korea’s Human Rights Record

    Communism aims for the protection of human rights and freedoms. However, North Korea has one of the worst human rights records in the world. The regime uses forced labor, political repression, and torture to maintain control over its population.

    6. North Korea’s Military Might

    Communism aims for disarmament and the elimination of military conflicts. However, North Korea possesses one of the largest militaries in the world and has been involved in numerous conflicts. The regime uses its military might to maintain its hold on power and to intimidate its neighbors.

    7. North Korea’s Succession Plan

    Communism aims for collective leadership and the elimination of dynastic succession. However, North Korea’s leadership succession plan is highly dynastic, with power passing from father to son. The regime has created a cult of personality around the Kim family, which reinforces the dynasty’s hold on power.

    8. North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

    Communism aims for the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the elimination of nuclear weapons. However, North Korea has developed a nuclear weapons program and has conducted numerous nuclear tests. The regime uses its nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip and as a means of maintaining its hold on power.

    North Korea may claim to be a communist state, but it is clear that communism is merely a guise to maintain its dictatorship. The regime has created a highly centralized system of government, with the Kim family at the top, and controls all aspects of life. The government’s propaganda machine reinforces the regime’s hold on power, and human rights abuses are rampant. The regime’s nuclear weapons program and belligerent stance have further isolated the country and made it a pariah state in the international community.


    It’s important to understand the reality of North Korea’s political system and to recognize that the regime’s actions do not align with the principles of communism. The world must put pressure on North Korea to change its ways and to work towards creating a more equitable society for its people. This is achievable through a commitment to democracy, human rights, and international cooperation. By showing the reality of North Korea’s political system, we can work towards creating a more peaceful and just world for all.


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