Simpsons predicted the future.

    Haven’t we, on most frequent occasions shouted “The Simpsons didn’t”? but to a mere surprise they have actually with a very strange truth predicted the future.

    When The Simpsons predicted the future…

    1. Donald Trump Becomes President (Season 11, Episode 17)


    In the episode “Bart to the Future” we get a glimpse of a future wherein Lisa is President of the United States.

    And when carefully looked upon they bring up a joke about how Lisa’s tenure is being hampered by a budget crisis caused by President Trump. It must have been a ridiculous notion to watch in those times, when the story line had been created, and the idea of trump being the president must have ended up as a big gag for the audience.

    But don’t we know who’s elected as the current president of the United States? Despite all impossibilities, didn’t the prediction come out true.

    2.Disney Buys Fox (Season 10, Episode 5)

    One month later..

    In “When You Dish Upon a Star” there’s a sign gag featuring the 20th Century Fox logo with the words “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” on it.

    Moving to 20 years later, and to an astonishing discovery in the present, Disney juggernaut did purchase Fox.
    It has to be a strange pop-culture prediction from this episode that comes true.

    3. Milhouse Predicts a Nobel Prize Winner (Season 22, Episode 1)

    It shouldn’t be surprising that Lisa, Milhouse’s prediction for economics was Bengt R. Holmstrom.

    The whole storyline built upto a humourous joke where krusty the clown might win the the Nobel Peace Prize, but there was a shrewd hidden prediction slipped in.

    In 2016, Holmstrom did win the Nobel Prize in Economics alongside Oliver Hart.

    4. The Ebola outbreak 1977

    The tv show predicted the future, in the episode where the bed ridden son is acknowledged by his mother, who encourages him to read a book on Ebola virus. The conspiracy theorists have pointed out the possibility of them prediciting the outbreak which in the present overshadows, as it convicts it’s first suffered.

    Therefore, despite all these evidences if it stikes our mind that there could be a possibility of co incidences, wouldn’t the conscience remind us that coincidences dont take place time and again?

    The predictions coming out to be true with eventual future, might reveal the other plot lines to be re discovered in the near future.

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