A Second Sun And A Ninth Planet: Is NASA Keeping Dreadful Secrets?

    Our solar system might have a second Sun. Not only this, but there might also even be a ninth planet. And it’s not Pluto. As this conspiracy goes, NASA is hiding both occurrences from us because it may cause mass hysteria. A ninth planet might expose our planet to extinction-like circumstances in the future.

    Sightings Of The Second Sun

    Every century sees the transit of Mercury across the Sun. During its transit, Mercury appears as a black dot against the Sun. It is recorded and transmitted live, watched by millions. It lasts several hours and can also be seen with solar telescopes.

    Slooh is a website that shows the Mercury transit live. On May 9, 2016, the Mercury transit was commented on by Chief Astronomical Officer Paul Cox. It was during this transit that something very bright and not completely unlike our Sun was seen.

    Slooh broadcasted this sighting to all the live viewers, and Cox reported it to be a second Sun. He also said that it was a secret as NASA was covering it up. Cox’s claim led a retired news reporter to believe that the second Sun theory was confirmed. The basis of this theory has been various photographs captured by private photographers all across the globe.

    A Binary Star System

    Alpha Centauri Source: Wikipedia

    Yes, a celestial system with two stars is possible. These stars might orbit one another, and the planets of the system might orbit both the stars. Half the stars we see in our night sky are a part of binary star systems.

    Moreover, Alpha Centauri, our nearest neighbor, is a multiple star system. Scientists have discovered that the Kepler-47 system has two stars that are almost as old as our Sun. This system has three planets, all larger than Earth, that orbit both the stars. All these planets are gas giants; one of them has habitable conditions and might have supported life if it were not made of gas.

    Nemesis and Extinction

    Everyone knows that the Earth has faced mass-extinctions before. (Dinosaurs, remember?) However, in 1984, paleontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski concluded that our planet had suffered extinction events in a cyclical nature.

    This claim was confirmed in 2010 when it was calculated that these extinction events seemed to be roughly 27 million years apart. The paleontologists also suggested that this cyclical nature did not arise from inherent causes.

    Research done by a couple of teams of independent astronomers recorded that these events could have been a result of the gravitational force exerted by a second star, which orbited our Sun. Scientists call this star a red or brown dwarf and have named it Nemesis.

    The Ninth Planet

    Cox seemed to have also mentioned a ninth planet. This planet’s name is mentioned as Nibiru. Many theorists believe that Nibiru will cause a cataclysm in the early 21st century. This is worrisome because we are in the early 21st century right now.

    Nancy Lieder Source: Wikimedia Commons

    These claims began with the remark of Nancy Lieder in 1995. She claimed that Nibiru is a real planet which is on an inevitable collision course with the Earth. She also said that in the event where a collision does not occur, Nibiru would pass so close to the Earth that our planet’s magnetic poles would permanently shift extremely rapidly. This shift would then lead to a Doomsday event.

    While there is no official confirmation, some scientists claim that there is, in fact, a Planet Nine. It is supposed to complete one orbit around the sun in 15,000 years. Its orbit is so elliptical that conspiracy theorists believe it could, in fact, be Nibiru.

    Even though this theory suggests that the end times are closer than we think, there is no concrete proof of it. But that has never stopped conspiracy theorists before. And if this turns out to be true, our future has just become even more uncertain than we thought it to be.


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