The Uncanny Waverly Hills Sanatorium

    Waverly Hills is a Sanatorium build in an isolated area on top of a hill with blooming flora and fauna. As a Sanatorium, it opened its door particular to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis. The sanatorium was then renovated as an epidemic also known as the white plague broke. It was never to become a haunted building but guess what? It now is.

    What is uncanny is the number of deaths taken place in the sanatorium whether murder, suicide or untimely deaths this place has seen them all. Tina Mattingly and Charlie Mattingly co-owners of the place estimate the number of deaths could reach up to tens of thousands. All deaths taking place in horrifying circumstances. Of course, the deceased left their afterlife looming around the sanatorium thus forever making it the famous haunted hospital it is.

    The patients at Waverly Hills

    The patients died horrible deaths. There was no cure for TB until the early 60s. With no anesthesia at the time patients who had to be operated under sometimes died deaths due to the miserable pain. Patients whose TB had spread to the brain were given electroshock therapy and died in the process or went mentally ill.

    Waverly Hills
    inside the hospital

    The Tunnel

    The tunnel connects the hospital to the foot of the hill. The tunnel was a passageway for a number of dead bodies as they made their way downhill. Due to a large number of deaths taking place in the sanatorium every day the tunnels were deemed the most efficient way to dispose of them

    . The dead were placed on carts and rolled downhill through the tunnel. Once downhill they were piled up and then taken away. The tunnel’s nicknamed the ‘death tunnel’ or the ‘body chute’.  Visitors have reportedly seen figures and heard foots steps when nobody else is in the tunnel and people theorize that the dead are trying to walk back to the place they died but are trapped inside the tunnel.

    outside the tunnel
    Rooms at Waverly Hill
    Inside the tunnel

    Room 502

    Room 502
    outside room 502

    A room situated on the fourth floor is said to be the most scandalous room in the abandoned sanatorium. Room 502 used to the nurse’s waiting room. In 1928 Marie the head nurse committed suicide by hanging herself right outside room 502.

    Other speculations say that Marie was impregnated by a doctor at Waverly. As the doctor was married and didn’t want anything to do anything with either Marie or the child, he performed an abortion on her. Marie died in the procedure and the panicked doctor then hung her outside room 502. Marie still appears around the room searching for her baby.  

    Sighting of a dead nurse
    A sighting of the nurse

    Old man and his dog

    An old man and his dogs died as they fell down the elevator shaft. But who falls down the elevator shaft until he was drunk or pushed by a person. The most likely situation is that the man was pushed by a man and then his dog jumped after him. Tina Mattingly, the co-owner of the sanatorium reported seeing their ghost during touring the empty sanatorium.


    On the fifth floor was situated the children’s room coincidently just opposite to the patients whose T.B had spread to the brain. Timmy, a six or seven-year-old boy who died in the hospital is yet to move on. He loved to play ball with the nurses and often spend hours just chasing his ball around. Visitors bring plastic or rubber balls to play with him and are often answered back.

    a picture of Timmy
    Shadow people.
    a sighting of the boy

    Shadow people

    Shadow people are shadow figures often looking like a man in an animal form and are addressed as an entity rather than a ghost. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is notoriously known for the presence of shadow people. They suddenly barge in towards visitors or startle them by hanging upside down on the walls.

    Waverly hills sanatorium is open to visitors and has facilities of a tour and overnight stay. . It remains a major attraction to people over the years.


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