Was the French Revolution Brought About by the Illuminati?

french revolution and the illuminati
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The most important revolution in the history of mankind, “The French Revolution,” took place in the year 1978. It was the revolution that ended feudalism in France and showed the importance of individualism to the world.

The French Revolution is said to have started when the people of France marched on and attacked the prison of Bastille. Major events like the women’s march, Abolition of Feudalism in France, the Reign of Terror, etc. were what led to the end of monarchy in France and the French government came into being.

prison of bastille
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The Illuminati were a group of secret societies usually referred to as the Bavarian Illuminati. This society came into being on 1st May, 1776. Their sole motive was the creation of One World Government with single church rule and one currency under their rule, religious rule over public life and the opposition of superstitions.

The prison of Bastille was considered as a symbol of the monarchy’s dictatorial rule. The attack on it gave people hope that the monarchy can come to an end and people’s rule could be brought. But was this really the reason why the French revolution took place?  The prison that was attacked by an angry mob of people held only 7 prisoners at that time; however, the attack was not for the prisoners but for the ammunition inside the prison walls.

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The reason for the mob to be angry was that the Governor of the prison refused to comply with their request for ammunition. The enraged and furious mob attacked the prison, held the governor captive and then killed him gruesomely and had his head passed around in public on a spike.

‘De-Christianization of France’ is one of the results of the French Revolution. This is one of the prime indicators for many who say that the Illuminati is linked to the French revolution as one of its goals was to remove Christianity.

Sources say that the Illuminati and Freemasons were behind the French Revolution but there isn’t enough proof to prove their involvement, some evidence points out that maybe they were involved. 

There is immense speculation about the role of the Illuminati in various historical and political events of importance, building an aura of mystery around the secret society.

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