J. M. Barrie and the Dead Babies Riddle.

    The findings J. M. Barrie. That’s the name written on a trunk which was discovered in 2010 by two women who were cleaning out an abandoned building in Los Angeles. They also found two black leather doctor bags. One of them opened the first soft bundle. They found something which looked like a piece of brown, dry and old wood, and appeared to be...

    The Society of Freemasons: is it what it seems?

    Freemasonry considered to be believed as a decade old secret society with the goals of world domination. BUT ARE THEY REALLY WHAT THEY ARE BELIEVED TO BE? The Theory Freemasons are believed to practise rituals to earn different degrees of acknowledgments as a freemason within their organisation. The highest degree of power being the 33rd and the lowest being 3. Freemasonry in US allows only male...

    Is Princess Diana’s Crash Accident what it seems to be?

    Do you remember what happened on the 31st of August 1997 in Paris? People have remembered this date as the death of Princess Diana Frances Spencer in Paris, France. What Happened? There were four people traveling in a Mercedes S280, a driver named Henri Paul, a bodyguard Trevor Reese Joner and her companion named Dodi Fayed. At 12:23 a.m., Paul lost control of the vehicle at the...

    Illuminati: a Concept of Depth, Interest, and Secrets.

    Illuminati is a Latin word meaning “revealed” or “enlightened”. Illuminati is one of the most famous New World Order theories. The New World Order Theory claims the secret existence of a power elite. it is believed to be a global agenda to rule the world and takeover the existing authorities. The Illuminati was originally a Bavarian society and was believed to be unusually enlightened....
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