Britney Spears: The Unpublished Original Doll

    Britney Spears, to those of you who don’t know her, is a singer-songwriter from the United States, mostly known for her baby voice and controversial public appearances. (From having a mental breakdown in front of the paparazzi to shaving all her hair off, people have seen it all.)

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    Britney Spears has been in the industry for seemingly forever. She started very young at the age of eleven and by the time she grew older, she took the industry by storm with her hit albums and songs reaching platinum status. Early in her career, while being on top of the world, she was also dating Justin Timberlake and they happened to be one of the most famous couples in the world.

    So we can figure out that Britney was living her dream life until it all came down when she and Justin Timberlake parted ways. Things took a turn for her after that, she disappeared for a while, and here’s when her series of weird public appearances started. She started acting strangely in front of the paparazzi. In short, she was not being herself.

    Following this, in 2004, she secretly made a dark album called ‘The Original Doll‘ that she wrote herself. Britney Spears had never written songs before so this was an indication that the album came straight from her heart and that she had a message for the world.

    Britney Spears 'The Original Doll'
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    The album was filled with songs carrying deep meaning, from feeling like a manufactured pop star to feeling like she’s been cloned. Yes! There’s a song in her album about being cloned called Mona Lisa. Most of the people wouldn’t have heard about the song or even the album, this is because the record label didn’t even allow to publish the album. A song about being cloned is pretty sketchy in itself. So no wonder why the label didn’t permit the release. Have a look at the lyrics though:

    “It’s kind of incredible
    She’s so unpredictable
    She wants you to know
    She’s been gone, she’s been gone, she’s been gone”

    Now you must be wondering where does the song talks about being cloned? Because there is not a single word in the lyrics which means ‘to clone’. But when you listen clearly to the song you can literally hear the word ‘cloned’. So here’s how the lyrics go after listening to the song: “She wants you to know, She’s been cloned.”
    Scary, right?

    This song came to light in 2004 when she literally went to a radio station, knocked on the door and asked them to play her song. The DJ who was present in this situation said, “They told me Britney Spears was on the phone and that she wants us to play her new song, usually we don’t believe stuff like that but an hour later, the singer was outside the Radio Station with a bodyguard, a chihuahua and a CD in her hand.”

    So she really went out of the way to a radio station so that her new song could be heard. The record label was pissed as their permission was not taken before broadcasting the song on the radio. Therefore, after that, legally Britney was not allowed to put out any of that music.

    Britney Spears cloned
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    If this is not enough to prove that Britney actually wanted to tell the world that she has been cloned, she dropped another hint and this time it was a video. Yes, she dropped a music video which showed her being in a cloning center. And if you were horrified after listening to her song ‘Monalisa,’ let me tell you, the video is just on another level.

    What do you think? Was Britney Spears actually cloned? Because I think this theory is quite believable.

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