Conspiracy Theories About The Titanic – A Trivia


    The sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 shocked the world and was the major attraction for various myths and controversies which led to many conspiracy theories. The incident took place hundreds of years ago but it’s obsession is still on people’s mind. Here is a quiz throwing light on many unanswered and rumoured mysteries. So let’s find out how much you know and you have heard about the historical “TITANIC.”

    • Question of

      What is the major twist that some conspiracy theorists speculated in Titanic incident?

      • The ship was abducted by aliens
      • The captain sunk it intentionally
      • The death toll was much higher than reported
      • It never actually sank
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      Which millionaire banker planned the Titanic disaster to kill off the rival millionaires who all perished aboard?

      • J. P. Morgan
      • William G. Fargo
      • J. D. Rockefeller
      • Andrew Carnegie
    • Question of

      According to William Stead, one of the passengers who went down with the Titanic which of the following events doomed the Titanic?

      • A Mummy’s curse
      • Bad doings of the passengers
      • Mistake of the Captain
      • A haunting
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      What was so unique about the Titanic’s ship hull no. – 390904 that the catholic workers involved in ship building worried that it could harm the ship?

      • It was an unlucky number
      • When turned upside it looked like “NO POPE”
      • All the ship accidents were related to this number in the past
      • The Ship number indicated mishap
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      According to some theories which ship/boat acted as the outside force for the sinking of Titanic?

      • German U Boat
      • The Mayflower shoip
      • Queen Mary ship
      • The Santa Maria
    • Question of

      According to Robin Gardiner, it was not the Titanic which sank but the ‘Titanic Sister Ship’ as an insurance scam by its owners. The name for Titanic’s sister ship was –

      • Dirty Oar
      • Capers
      • Devlin
      • Olympic
    • Question of

      Which ship was in vicinity of the Titanic while the ship was sinking?

      • Norwegian seal hunting ship,Samson
      • The Santa Maria
      • Clorinda
      • HMS Victory
    • Question of

      In the book named “Titanic’s mummy”, which of the following events is referred as a precursor to the collision of the Titanic to the iceberg?

      • The fire in the coal bunker
      • Overflow of water inside the ship
      • Taking up the wrong way
      • Failure of some parts of ship
    • Question of

      According to some theories, which of the following events would have rescued the Titanic Ship from sinking?

      • Reducing the speed of the ship
      • Opening of the watertight doors
      • Maintenance of the marine grade parts
      • Immediately sending distress signals
    • Question of

      The fourth funnel in Titanic was a dummy and was present just to enhance the beauty and the balance of the Liner’s design.

      • True
      • False

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