How Accurate Is Your Knowledge About The Bermuda Triangle?


The Bermuda Triangle, – known for it’s so called mysterious nature, this triangle of mishaps is familiar to every conspiracy brainiac out there. How about we go ahead and test your knowledge with a little trivia, shall we?

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    Within which ocean does this mysterious area lie?

    • The Indian Ocean
    • The Pacific Ocean
    • The Atlantic Ocean
    • The Arctic Ocean
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    The Bermuda Triangle is inclusive of three places as points, which are, –

    • Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda
    • Davie, Bermuda, and Aguadilla
    • Miami, Davie, and Bermuda
    • Bermuda, Aguadilla, and Puerto Rico
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    The Bermuda Triangle is a topic area of a lot of superstition, due to which it is also known as, –

    • The Quadrant of Despair
    • The Devil’s Triangle
    • The Forbidden Triangle
    • The Gateway to Hell
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    In which year was this area given the term of ‘The Bermuda Triangle’?

    • 1909
    • 1890
    • 1964
    • 1971
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    Which of these voyagers referred to this area as having a ‘great flame of fire’?

    • Vasco Da Gama
    • Marco Polo
    • Charles Darwin
    • Christopher Columbus
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    Which voyeger was speculated to have disappeared due to the Bermuda Triangle?

    • James Cook
    • Jeanne Baret
    • John Cabot
    • Joshua Slocum
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    Which of Shakespeare’s play is said to be based on a shipwreck that occured in this area?

    • The Winter’s Tale
    • The Tempest
    • Coriolanus
    • King John
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    The best known disappearence involving this area was that of ‘Flight 19’ (1945) which seated, –

    • German War Officials
    • US Navy Avengers
    • Expedition Voyagers
    • Travelling Passengers
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    A 13-man crew Mariner Seaplane was sent out for Flight 19. What was its fate?

    • It was struck by lightning
    • It disappeared without any trace
    • It returned without any luck
    • 4 of the crew members survived
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    In which year do you think media allegations surfaced about the Bermuda Triangle?

    • 1964
    • 1945
    • 1950
    • 1971
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    Which of the following is said to have been reported to happen in this area?

    • A disfunctioning compass
    • Unusual and instant shortage of fuel
    • Malfunction of devices
    • All of the above
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    Which of these theories circulating the Bermuda Triangle is accepted?

    • Speculated to be the opening to Atlantis
    • Known to be home to the Noch Ness Monster
    • Known for extraterrestrial habitation
    • Speculated to be cursed
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    The Bermuda Triangle area has reports of the presence of a ‘white fog’ or a ‘strange cloud’ that, –

    • Is known to disort time
    • Is a zero-gravity channel
    • Is known to be connected to a parallel universe
    • Is the entrance to Atlantis
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    Which one of the following vanishings had no hand of this area?

    • USS Cyclops
    • Flight 19
    • USS Snook
    • Great Issac Lighthouse
  • Question of

    Lastly, what is the stance of the US Government regarding this area?

    • The Bermuda Triangle has paranormal occurances
    • The Bermuda Triangle is a colony of ghost ships
    • The Bermuda Triangle does not exist
    • The Bermuda Triangle is in fact the lost city of Atlantis

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Written by Aarzoo Mehta

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