The Area 51 Havoc And Chaos – How Much Do You Know About It?


    Area 51 was a huge deal made by all through 2019. All the mysteries conspiracies held by and hiding in the place are said to be overwhelming and classified. Take a quiz and find out how much you know about the scene.

    • Question of

      What remains are said to be found at area 51?

      • World War II
      • Spacecraft and Aliens
      • Ancient Remains
    • Question of

      Where is area 51 located?

      • United Kingdom
      • China
      • Western United States
    • Question of

      Who protects area 51 and it’s secretive mysteries?

      • Illuminati
      • United Nations
      • U.S. Government
    • Question of

      How did this conspiracy start?

      • Masked men with weapons seen around
      • Sight of an unidentified flying object around
      • Just to reveal the classified information
    • Question of

      What did some people plan on doing to explore this place?

      • Inviting people to raid area 51
      • Lodge a case against it for full information
      • Install cameras around the place
    • Question of

      How many people responded to the petition of the plan?

      • 20,000
      • 70,000
      • 2,00,000
    • Question of

      What is area 51 popularly known as?

      • Forbidden lands
      • The cave
      • Groom lake
    • Question of

      What is used to detect trespassers around area 51?

      • Lasers and threads
      • Surveillance Cameras and Underground Motion Detectors
      • Hovering Aircrafts
    • Question of

      What are the surveillance military men around the place known as by enthusiasts?

      • The Guardians
      • The Black Cops
      • The Cammo Dudes
    • Question of

      What was the place initially discovered and used for?

      • Carrying out a secretive training campaign for the military
      • Testing of a military owned aircraft
      • A special time travel project

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