Quiz For People Who Are Curious About The Solar System!


    Curious about space? Learn more!

    • Question of

      Who invented the telescope?

      • Mark Louis
      • Galileo Galilei
      • Hans Lippershey
    • Question of

      Which is the 6th planet of Solar System?

      • Jupiter
      • Saturn
      • Neptune
    • Question of

      What term is given to the alignment of three celestial bodies?

      • Syzygy
      • Sizzle
      • Meteor
    • Question of

      Which is the smallest planet in Solar System in terms of mass?

      • Mars
      • Mercury
      • Saturn
    • Question of

      The visible part of the Sun is known as –

      • Photosphere
      • Lithosphere
      • Atmosphere
    • Question of

      What are the two basic motions that every planet have?

      • Twist and Turn
      • Orbit and Spin
      • Roll and Spin
    • Question of

      How much time does light takes to reach Earth from the Sun?

      • 499.0 seconds
      • 110.6 seconds
      • 320.0 seconds
    • Question of

      How old is our Solar Sytem?

      • 5,000 Billion years
      • 4.571 Billion years
      • More than 5,000 billion years
    • Question of

      The duration when the Sun’s direct rays cross the celestial equator is known as –

      • The Ecliptic
      • The Aphelion
      • The Equinox
    • Question of

      Which planet is known to have the longest days?

      • Earth
      • Venus
      • Mars

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