Can You Guess The Authors Of These Mystery Novels?


    Let’s guess the author of these mystery novels together!

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      Name the author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’?

      • Jane Austen
      • Dan Brown
      • Dave Truman
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      Guess the name of the author of super mysterious piece ‘The Girl on the Train’.

      • Paula Hawkins
      • Sue Grafton
      • Charles Dickens
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      Name of the author of ‘The Flower Master’.

      • Sujata Massey
      • Ajay Pandey
      • Amish Tripathi
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      Who’s the author of ‘Dead Meat’?

      • Sudeep Nagarkar
      • Amish Tripathi
      • Ankush Saikia
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      Who’s the author of very famous mystery story ‘Sherlock Holmes’?

      • Oscar Wilde
      • Arthur Doyle
      • Edmund Bentley
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      Guess the author of ‘Eye on the Needle’.

      • Charles Macro
      • Maria Puzo
      • Ken Follett
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      ‘The Cosmic Clues’ – guess the author of this brilliantly written novel.

      • Manjiri Prabhu
      • Kanika Nair
      • Abhir Mukherjee
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      Who is the author of puzzling novel ‘Witness the Night’?

      • Naveen Chattopadhyay
      • Kishwar Desai
      • Anjali Kapoor
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      ‘The lady in the lake’- who is the author of this amazing piece?

      • Anne Frank
      • Dorothy Slayers
      • Raymond Chandler
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      Guess the author of the novel ‘The Rising Man’?

      • Satyajeet Ray
      • Abir Mukherjee
      • R.V. Raman
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      Who is the author of – ‘The Name of the Rose’?

      • Umberto Eco
      • Maria Polo
      • Arthur Niel

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