Do You Believe In Reincarnation? Let’s Find Out The Age Of Your Soul With This Quick Quiz!


    Have you ever wondered when you soul was born? Find out if you have a brand new soul or a soul that has been reincarnated over eons. Souls exist independent of form and physical body. Time, Space and Matter have no meaning for souls. Yet, without form or physical body, souls can not perform efficiently in physical reality. In many religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, soul is the incorporeal essence of a living being.

    Soul or psyche comprises the mental abilities of a living being: reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking, etc. The age of your soul makes you who you are. The approach you have towards life is entirely your souls’ temperament that comes with experience. Whether you actually believe in the philosophy behind reincarnation or you’re taking this survey for fun, it is always an amusing thing to find out the age of your soul by answering a few questions about yourself!

    • Question of

      If you had to choose among one of these meals, which one would you choose?

      • Champagne and Cheese
      • Steak Dinner
      • Multi-Flavoured Ice Cream
      • Pepperoni Pizza
    • Question of

      Which one of these statements match most with your opinion about pineapple as a pizza topping?

      • Pineapple on pizza? You are out of your mind!
      • It’s my favourite topping!
      • Now I have seen it all!
      • I don’t mind it though.
    • Question of

      Which one of the following art works do you like best?

      • (picture quiz)(david by michael angelo)
      • (picture quiz)(bather, 1909, by pablo picasso)
      • (picture quiz)(starry starry night by vincent van gogh)
      • (picture quiz)(the last supper by Leonardo Da vinci)
    • Question of

      Are you hopeful or skeptical?

      • Hopeful
      • Skeptical
      • A balance of both
      • More hopeful than skeptical, yet both
    • Question of

      What would you say is your worst vice, among the seven sins of mankind?

      • Gluttony
      • Sloth
      • Lust
      • Wrath
      • Pride
      • Envy
      • Greed
    • Question of

      What occupies your mind?

      • Present
      • Past
      • Future
      • Afterlife
    • Question of

      What do you think happens after death?

      • I don’t know
      • One day science will explain it
      • We all go to a better place
      • Nothing at all
    • Question of

      Choose a flower.

      • (picture quiz)(daffodils)
      • (picture quiz)(roses)
      • (picture quiz)(sunflowers)
      • (picture quiz)(an assortment of wild flowers)
    • Question of

      If doing your dream job does not pay well, would you rather get rich or still hold on to your dreams?

      • Get rich
      • Pursue my dreams
      • Try to strike a balance between both and die trying
      • Money never mattered to me
    • Question of

      Who do you choose as your spiritual leader?

      • The Pope
      • Aristotle
      • Bob Marley
      • Yoda

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