Discover Which Conspiracy Theory You Are


    Let us help you discover which conspiracy theory your personality relates to. Why you ask? Because, from statements that force us to dwell into the unknown, to myths that unravel the forbidden, conspiracy theories are rooted all around us. What if you’re living one of these mind-boggling tell-tales right now, at this very moment?

    • Question of

      Let’s start with describing yourself using one word.

      • Secretive
      • Mysterious
      • Unpredictable
      • Instinctive
    • Question of

      Which of the following professional fields have you at least thought about entering once?

      • Medicine
      • Education
      • Theatre/Drama
      • Law
    • Question of

      A positive quality you think you possess?

      • Dedication
      • Innovation
      • Analytical
      • Organisational
    • Question of

      How about a negative one?

      • Overthinker/Pessimistic
      • Distractive/Absent-minded
      • Neurotic/Obssesive
      • Agressive/Controlling
    • Question of

      Which of these would be your ideal distraction upon being upset?

      • Reading/Writing
      • Music/Conversations
      • Television/Gaming
      • Cooking/Workouts
    • Question of

      Your take on ‘the unknown’ is that, –

      • It deserves respect
      • It is believable
      • Proof matters
      • It is unknown for a reason
    • Question of

      A proverb you’d preach?

      • All that glitters is not gold.
      • Appearances can be deceptive.
      • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
      • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
    • Question of

      Which of these looks the most enticing to you?

      • Yes
      • No
      • no
      • no
    • Question of

      How would you respond to someone who tells you that you have changed?

      • “Okay, your point being?”
      • “Care to explain how?”
      • “So have you.”
      • “Haha, funny.”
    • Question of

      Lastly, pick a colour –

      • Red
      • Blue
      • Green
      • Yellow

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