Conspiracy Theories For Beginners – A Trivia Quiz


    “Behind the hieroglyphic streets there would either be a transcendent meaning, or only the earth.”

    • Question of

      The logo of which app resembles the emblem for Satan’s Sigil?

      • Facebook
      • Amazon Prime
      • Google Play
      • Adobe Illustrator
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      Identify the title of the 1981 novel by Dean Koontz, that is rumoured to have predicted the Coronavirus pandemic:

      • Sole Survivor
      • The Silent Corner
      • Watchers
      • The Eyes of Darkness
    • Question of

      Who are referred to as ‘Crisis Actors’?

      • Doppelgangers hired by politicians to act as their stand-ins to escape potentially dangerous situations
      • People hired by law firms to build false cases against wealthy clients
      • People hired and interviewed by news channels in the aftermath of a mishap or disaster.
      • People hired by supermarket chains to boost up sales by giving the false impression of a heavy business.
    • Question of

      Where is the Forbidden Library said to be located in?

      • Vatican City
      • Florence, Italy
      • Saint Petersburg, Russia
      • Hangzhou, China
    • Question of

      Which Indian movie star’s name was revealed in Panama papers?

      • Shah Rukh Khan
      • Amitabh Bachchan
      • Rajesh Khanna
      • Salman Khan
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      What is a ‘Deepfake’?

      • Illegal reproduction of someone’s signatures by analysis of their handwriting.
      • A technology that enables unlocking fingerprint protection by superimposing real fingerprints with the perfectly matched ones.
      • Manipulated videos that are fabricated in such a way that may involve replacing the feature features of a person with those of somebody else.
      • Manipulating the genetic code of a person in order to introduce new features.
    • Question of

      Anti-vaxxers infamously refuse to get vaccinated, as they believe that it leads to which of the following disorders?

      • Dementia
      • Schizophrenia
      • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
      • Autism
    • Question of

      In 1987, an unknown masked man hijacked the broadcast system of two Chicago TV stations. This incident is popularly known as?

      • The SHODAN Incident
      • The Machine Man Incident
      • The Max Headroom Incident
      • The Alpha 5 Incident
    • Question of

      Which American animated sitcom is often claimed to have predicted major world events?

      • The Simpsons
      • BoJack Horseman
      • South Park
      • Futurama
    • Question of

      All US Presidents are said to be related to each other, with the exception of:

      • Martin Van Buren
      • Barack Obama
      • George W. Bush
      • Rutherford B. Hayes

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