Test Your Knowledge: 10 Questions About The Conspiracies Regarding Outer Space!


    Everybody is just a bit curious about the outer space. But do you consider yourself to be a hardcore space enthusiast? Try out these 10 questions regarding the conspiracy theories that revolve around space and see if you know enough about what’s out there!

    You’re a genius if get more than 7 answers correct!

    • Question of

      There is a conspiracy that the Moon Landing in 1969 was a Hoax.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      What theory is the Flat Earth Society’s name based on?

      • The Earth is round.
      • The Earth will become flats it gets closer to its end.
      • The Earth is flat.
    • Question of

      What is the biggest conspiracy theory regarding Area 51?

      • Zombies exist there.
      • Alien research is happening there.
      • A deadly virus is being created there.
    • Question of

      What is the name of the Moon that looks like a Death Star (from Star Wars) and has the power to destroy planets with its powerful laser? Hint: One of Saturn’s Moons.

      • Lapetus
      • Titan
      • Enceladus
    • Question of

      There is a theory that a fully functional lunar base has been built on the far side of the Moon.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      What was the name of the planet that the New York Post was referring to in April 2016 when they tweeted about a bigger planet that could destroy the Earth?

      • Planet 7
      • Planet 9
      • Planet 8
    • Question of

      In the 1970s, Richard Hoagland, an author and conspiracy theorist, said that what looked like a face on Mars’s surface was definitely a face.

      • True
      • False
    • Question of

      Saturn’s Hexagon was first spotted when NASA’s Voyager spacecraft flew by the ringed planet in 1980. What is the most famous theory regarding Saturn’s Hexagon?

      • It is the door to another dimension.
      • It is a civilisation.
      • It is alien technology.
    • Question of

      According to conspiracy theorists, there is another dangerous planet that was mentioned in the 1976 book ‘The Twelfth Road’ by Zecharia Sitchin. What is the name of that planet?

      • Nibiru
      • Pluto
      • Yokuha
    • Question of

      A couple of years ago, there was a rumour/theory that the Moon would turn green for a few days due to the alignment of several planets which would cause an eerie glow. Is it sure that this theory existed?

      • Yes
      • No

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