The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

    The iconic moment for mankind has been the landing of Humans on Moon and space. It was an emotion of happiness that washed the entire world when the news of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon spread. This event repeated again, and again when many more astronauts landed on the moon. However, what’s peculiar is that all of these missions were undertaken only...

    Existence of Reptilians amongst us and within us

    Conspiracy or fact? How would you feel if you were aware of the fact that ‘Lizard People’ are running the government of your country? Umm, quite horrifying, I’d say. Well this is how 12 million Americans feel as they are convinced that these Lizard people do exist. What Lizard-people really mean? You must be wondering what exactly ‘Lizard People’ are, right? So before you assume that a reptilian is...

    Not everything is as it looks like with the Mandela Effect

    Have you ever remembered something happening vividly only to be proven wrong by facts that state otherwise?Of course, you’re not alone, this absurd phenomenon is called the Mandela Effect. What is the Mandela Effect?  Mandela Effect is where a person or a group of people collectively remember something happening to them or around them. They then realize that it might never have happened in real life....
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