Michelangelo’s Pieta, A Secret Message of Jesus’s Life

    A Small Introduction for A Big Personality Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, a heavy name, for a slight man. This Italian sculptor, architect, and painter is known for his masterpieces, like the David, The Pietá, the frescos of the Sistine Chapel, and in general, all his works. He was one of the most talented artists to exist, and a rebel at that. An avid follower...

    11:11 Isn’t Just About Make a Wish Time.

    Probably against the laws of wish-making, but I have a discreet alarm for 11:11 pm when I quickly whisper my wishes to the clouds in hopes that they’ll come true. I mean, that's what they all say. But why 11:11? 11 Is Everywhere It's not simply just a wish-granting phenomenon. The world has been revolving around this number 11 for a long time. Some interesting facts...

    Is The Death Of Princess Diana Still A Conspiracy Theory?

    One of the most beautiful ladies in the history of mankind has the biggest conspiracy attached to her death. The blue-eyed beauty, and also one of the most mysterious lady is none other than princess Diana. Why Her Accident Excites The Theorists? The infamous death of Lady Diana still remains as the firm interest for the conspiracy theorists. The reason for its undisputed position on being...

    Is Disney So Pure and Innocent as it seems?

    Every now and then, Disney is somewhere playing with the minds of the innocents to create the New World Order. This is done through the idea of playing satanic and subtle sexual innuendos in the background to corrupt the mind of innocent children. The life of the much loved and famous creator Walt Disney. He was 33rd-degree freemason. Although Freemasons and Illuminati are not...

    Project MK Ultra or The CIA Mind Control Program?

    The tales about human experimentation and torture but people need to dismiss these ideas to a very large extent. Sometimes, however, there is a lot more to them than just baseless rumors. Project MKUltra or the CIA Mind Control Program is one of these examples which show that real life can be stranger than fiction. How did it all get started? During Cold War, The...
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