DOTA 2: The World of Radiant and Dire

    The lore of Dota 2 is vast, mysterious and a theorist’s paradise (or nightmare, depending on how one views sitting in front of a game for hours, clicking, researching and finding little to nothing). What makes a good game is its relevance and its replayability. But, Dota 2 only retains its replayability due to its almost-maddening effects, on the player, of losing one game....

    Alexa! Tell Us The Truth- How Creepy is the Smart Speaker?

    What is Amazon Alexa? Amazon Alexa or Alexa is a smart speaker developed by Amazon. It lets you speak your wishes and see them fulfilled within no time. From asking her about the weather to playing your favorite music, she can do it all. It's also programmed to have a conversation with you, this is applicable when you're alone and bored. We can say that...

    Who Run the World? The Rothschilds

    Rothschild, The House of the Red Shield, is a name having an extraordinary tradition and reputation with great pulling power in today’s world. Covered in money, power and mysteriousness, conspirators get allured towards this family against every type of factual refutation like a school of bees. Let’s dig in deeper to uncover the secrets and bucks this family has to hide. THE HOUSE OF...

    Cicada 3301: an Enduring Mystery Over the Years

    Cicada 3301, 4chan is a dam forum, house to may mysteries that sweep the internet by storm. So, let's dive into one of the mysteries that are yet to be solved and is creepy but intriguing. On January 4, 2012, a 4chan user posted this image on Cicada 3301 And when opened in a notepad, it had a hidden message in its code. which led...

    The Reptilian Elite

    There are often cases when we aspire and look up to powerful figures, who we feel, ‘rule the world’. They seem such an updated and advanced version of ourselves that we cannot help but wonder if they are even human. However, an old theory has resurfaced and it is exactly what we need to feed our daydreams. A ‘Reptilian Elite’ theory lays its foundation...

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